Summer Vacation for Moms, Told in Memes.

Summer Vacations for Moms From MomCave

Ah, summer. The long, lazy days. Sipping cocktails while watching the sun go down. Rocking in a hammock and snuggling with your honey. Dozing on the beach to the sound of the waves. Oh, wait. That was summer before parenthood! Summer vacation for moms can feel like just the same everyday routine, except without school. And who has money for summer camp??

We rounded up some of our favorite summer vacation for moms memes. Because if you’re going to be sweaty while running after your kids, you might as well laugh about it.

Summer Vacation for Moms, Told in Memes

This one is by our friend, Amy, The Outnumbered Mother. Watch her on our live show here. 

Meredith from Perfection Pending came up with this one. If someone told my kids a pile of poo was a “toy,” they’d spend all of summer vacation fighting over that, too.

Behold: Two huge crappy plush toys won at a carnival. Upon arriving home from the carnival, I told my son that when he wasn’t playing with them, they belonged in the back of his closet. A month and a half later, he hasn’t remembered they exist. It’s garbage day! Do you do this too? (This one is me!)

This truth nugget is the brainchild of our buddy Toni from Is it Bedtime Yet?  Watch her talk about being the “reluctant mother” on our live show here.

Just another pool woe. This one is from Kristin Hewitt.

Well, at least she’s honest about her schedule. From Paige Kellerman.

And here’s one from MomCave’s own Dina Drew. Have you seen her video about (attempting) to craft with kids? 

This mama (Ramblin’ Mama) is our spirit animal. Why don’t more parks and beaches have wifi? And free nannies??

Summer Vacations for Moms From MomCave

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