New Outdoor Toys from Target

Oh, Target. You never disappoint. The cliche of moms loving Target is cliche for a reason… because so many of us DO!

With school out and no summer camp plans this year (sigh), my two very active, energetic, inquisitive children need some fun while mom continues to work from home. Target to the rescue! We were gifted the fun toys below to review. (All opinions are our own.) Discover some of the best summer diversions for kiddos for yourself.

All Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback

When you want to practice for football season and have no one to practice WITH (except your much younger, sillier sister), the All Pro Passer becomes your own robotic quarterback! This was by far my son’s favorite toy of the bunch.

It took a bit of figuring out, but once we did, even his little sister could operate it. It can perform dozens of different “plays” and launches the ball up to 25 feet in a perfect spiral every time. Programmed with the accuracy of a professional quarterback, you’ll be amazed at how real the passes are!

All Pro Pass Robotic Quarterback at

Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble

Perfect for travel, this smaller version of the classic Wubble rocks with Groovy colors. My daughter proclaimed it, “Cooler than slime!” It’s a cross between a bouncy ball, balloon, and a giant bubble. Glowing in the dark (great for keeping an eye on kids outside at night), it bounces like a huge soap bubble. You do have to be super careful not to leave it out in the sunlight for hours or bounce it too hard. But if kids can keep that in mind, it can provide hours of fun! (Notice in the photo below how my daughter was so excited to play with it that she put her shit

Tiny Groovy Glow Wubble at

Smithsonian Jurassic World Dominion Prehistoric Projector Science Kit

What’s cooler than giant dinosaurs in your own bedroom? With the Smithsonian Jurassic World Dominion Prehistoric Projector Science Kit, your kids will have fun learning about these amazing creatures. Make sure to show little ones how to use the focus dial. It projects 35 different dinosaurs and fun prehistoric backgrounds and is perfect for rainy days or sleepovers. My favorite feature is that it’s on a 15-minute timer so kids don’t have to remember to turn it off!

Smithsonian Jurassic World Dominion Prehistoric Projector Science Kit

Smithsonian Telescope/ Monocular Kit

Curious kids can use this mounted on the included table-top tripod or by holding it up to their eye like a spyglass to search for the Man in the Moon, bird watch or spy on their little sister’s tree house… It’s superlight weight and easy to set up and operate.

Smithsonian Telescope/ Monocular Kit at

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