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Can you imagine being a parent before the age of the internet? If you had an urgent question, you’d have to actually pick up the phone and call a human! Like your mom or mother-in-law… and you know how reliable their advice can be. Now that are all sorts of things moms Google at all hours of the day and night, right from the comfort of their own smart phones. Thank goodness!

Here are just a few of the things moms Google:

How to Stop Kids From Whining

Why is my baby’s poop green?

Is it safe to swallow chewing gum?

How long can you leave milk out of the refrigerator?

How often does the average married couple have sex?

What to do when time-out doesn’t work

How to make kids sleep longer

Do they serve alcohol at Chuck E. Cheese? (PSA-YES THEY DO.)

Why can’t my husband ever find anything?

Why is my internet so slow?

What does 53X mean? (This is teenage text code for “sex!”)

What does 303 mean? (This is teenage text code for “mom.)

When will my baby start sleeping through the night?

When will my 4 year old start sleeping through the night?

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Lice prevention

Why do kids eat boogers?

Is it bad to eat boogers?

Preventing spread of stomach virus

How to make slime

DIY Fish Funeral

How to get slime out of carpet

Do vaccines really cause autism?

Free babysitting?

Why are kids so loud?

Best earplugs

My son ate a beetle. Should I call 911?

Is “man cold” a thing?

Do men feel pain differently than women?

Free summer camps

Is it a sin to lie to your kids?

How not to yell at your kids?

Bathing suits that make you look skinny

Lose ten pounds without dieting

When does parenting get easier?

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