Stroller Fitness Class… How hard can it be? | Slummy Mummy Episode 3

How challenging can a fitness class for new moms be? The very name of the class, “Stroller Fitness,” sounds sort of lazy. You know, STROLLing, not racing! I was picturing post-natal deep breathing and then gossiping with mom friends while walking in the park…. My experience with a local stroller fitness class was the inspiration for this episode of our award-winning web series, “Slummy Mummy.”

As you may remember, at the end of the last episode, I was told to lose some weight before going back to my job. There was also a serious Spanx mishap.  In this episode, I learn that post-natal fitness is no joke. Watch and enjoy!

Stroller Fitness… How Hard Can it Be? | Slummy Mummy Ep 3 | MomCave

Behind the Scenes Photos from this Episode

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