Stressed Moms: What’s the Most Ridiculous Thing YOU Did?

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Stressed moms was our theme for this week’s MomCave LIVE with the hilarious viral video creator Deva Dalporto. (She made a 21 Pilots parody video called “Stressed Out Mom.”)

We asked some of the funniest moms on the internet to share their most ridiculous moments under stress. Read their hilarious stories below.

Stressed Moms Share Their OMG Moments

–Dumped a bag with a poop diaper in the washing machine instead of the bag of baby clothes. Didn’t notice until my sister opened the washing machine when it was done and yelled “WHO PUT POOP IN THE WASHER?????”  Alexa from

–Snatched a jack-o-lantern out of my two kids’ hands as they fought over it, hoisted it over my head and smashed it down on the concrete while yelling, “raarrrrhhhhggggghhhh!!!!!”.
I later apologized but they had been fighting all day and it felt so good to just smash something to smithereens. -Hannah from

–I was so absolutely pissed at my kids for fighting that I slammed my own damn iPhone down on a table and smashed it. Apparently stress makes me dumb. -Jenny from the Happy Hausfrau

–Threw all the LEGO’s on the floor from the containers. I don’t handle stress well sometimes. I felt like David Lee Roth in his Van Halen heydays. -Nancy from The Mama Maven

–I washed a paper plate before! I was rushing to clean up to get out the door and I forgot that I gave them paper plates so I wouldn’t have to wash dishes. -Valerie from MommyRandR

–While trying to multitask, I’ve breastfed the same twin twice in a row. On a few occasions. Took her off the boob when she finished, went and did something else quickly, then was supposed to switch babies but totally forgot and put the same one back on the boob. Whoops. She didn’t protest… -Heather from US Japan Fam

Stressed Mom MomCave

–Went through the drive thru. Paid at the first window and forgot to stop at the second window for my food. -Shari from Beyond the Ordinary Life

–I brushed my teeth with Neosporin,  thinking it was toothpaste. -Monica from Marino Bambinos

–I brushed mine with Desitin! -Stella from Fab Gab Blog

–This weekend I nearly burned down the house. A dishrag fell inside of the oven while on and I didn’t realize it until I opened the oven to place something in it. -Kim from Beauty and the Bump

–On a late conference call when my youngest was a baby and crying for milk, I made her bottle and then shoved it in my then 6 year olds mouth -Nicole from Bronx Mama

–I started screaming frantically because I couldn’t find Grace while walking down Hollywood Blvd. My brother and my husband were asking why I was screaming. I was blaming my husband for losing the kid, turns out she was on my back in the carrier. Asleep. -Gemarla from The Mommy Elf

–Put eggs in the microwave, let’s just say they explode after a few minutes of cooking.-Kristin from My Strange Family

–Left the back door open for a long time at night and a bat came inside the house – broke about 2 vases from our wedding that night trying to catch this bat. -Maria from The New York Mom

Share YOUR most stressed out  moments and comment below.




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  • jeannie

    OK, this makes the top 10. I had a flooded basement, everything soaked. Neither kid would help me lift a box or dry anything. I was carrying 8 big things down my front lawn to get them to the curb, yelling to myself and making multiple tripos how unhelpful my minions were and BOOM! I fell, my ankle hit a brick, I broke my foot….and they both had to take care of me for 8 weeks! Ha! Now its a daily “DONT LET MOM FALL” thing going on.


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