Staring while Breastfeeding… NYC Jenny Gets Huffy

Ever gotten annoyed with someone staring while you are breastfeeding? Jenny Gill (aka did! And then she realized…. maybe this time it wasn’t about her.

Motherhood is a source of endless awkward, emotional moments. Hear Jenny’s story in this all new episode of Blabbermom below.

Staring while breastfeeding, nycjenny, momcave, blabbermomJenny is a sleep deprived thirty-something wife and stay-at-home mom. Occasionally she shows up on the Off-Off Broadway stages of NYC – many crazy images of her exist on the internet due to this. She assumes this will prove rather embarrassing when her son is old enough to Google. Once the New York Times even came to a show and said she was reasonably appealing. As a dominatrix. Jenny’s mother clipped it out and hung it on her fridge. You can follow along with Jenny’s adventures at

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A Dude is Staring at Jenny as she Breastfeeds…


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