CRAZY Things Moms Do To Get Their Kids To Sleep | With a Giveaway from SleepBuddy

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We just want to SLEEP!

We’ve all been there. You just want to get a decent night’s sleep and those kiddos of yours just won’t go down. One expects to be up all night with a newborn… I was okay with that. What I wasn’t prepared for was when my toddler who just got her big girl bed wouldn’t stay in it or when my son was five and the monsters were in full swing and he became a frequent visitor in our bed. I still have a small bump on my head. I tried many tactics to keep them in their bed – begging, lying, threatening – AND – I’m not alone!

Here’s some confessions from some of our fellow internet moms:

“The craziest thing I’ve said to my son to stay in bed was that if he doesn’t go to sleep the police could find out and take mommy away.” – Karen Szabo – The Antsy Butterfly

“I lied and said the tooth fairy does fly-by’s before you lose your first tooth to make sure you’re sleeping and if you stay up too late too many times she subtracts money!” Lisa Leshaw” – Her View From Home

“I like to tell my youngest that I’m legally required to sleep with Daddy (as opposed to with her) because we’re married.”  Magi Nelson Clark  – Half Acre Heaven

“I told them I forgot to feed the monster under the bed. They probably shouldn’t move around too much.” Lauri Walker – Mama Needs A Nap 

“Other than bouncing up and down, rocking, driving around in circles, wearing them for hours, taping garbage bags to the windows….not much?” Kristen Hewitt

“We got so desperate for sleep (our kids don’t sleep until well after their 1st birthday) that we turned to cry-it-out sleep training… with kids 1 and 2, my husband did it while I was at work at the hospital (night shift) so I wouldn’t give up and go cuddle the baby. With 3 and 4, he banished me to the guest room for a full night’s sleep while he stayed with the baby.

?‍♀️ Okay, so I’m pretty useless at getting kids to sleep.” – Kimberly Starr

Well…we found an mama with an INCREDIBLE solution.

Recently we had Sleep Expert, Laura Swartz as a guest on MomCave LIVE. She is a renowned sleep consultant who has helped 100’s of families and the Creator of SleepBuddy™. (She also has seven kids! Seven! We think she’s pretty amazing!)

Laura suggested the #1 tip for good sleeping habits in children is to follow a nightly routine.  A bedtime ritual makes it easier for your child to relax, fall asleep and sleep through the night.


SleepBuddy™ offers just that and was designed with sound practices in mind to help parents and children through critical sleep developmental milestones. The system includes a subtle and soothing tabletop sleep light with interchangeable blue/amber colored light, a children’s book to introduce the SleepBuddy™ concept, a reward chart with stickers, and an informative Parent’s Guide.



So no more lying, begging, conjuling, you tell your kiddo when the Sleep Buddy light is on, it’s bedtime! To purchase the System click here!

And just for our MomCavers we have a special Giveaway. Laura is offering a FREE 1/2 hour sleep consultation and one SleepBuddy™. See details below to enter.

To learn more about Laura and her consultation services visit – Healthy Happy Sleep

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Check out the replay of our LIVE show below:


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