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You read that right. A hysterectomy literally saved my sex life and could possibly save yours, too! Sex after hysterectomy surgery is the best of my life…

I’m sure you’re wondering what I mean. Four years ago, I gave birth to my last little and since then, my body has not been the same. One minute I’d be in searing pain and the other, I would be hornier than a rabbit on steroids.

During sex, the pain in my hoo-ha would leave me utterly silenced. My husband would think he was doing an amazing job because he’d look down at my hands covering my mouth and in his head, I was about to go off. In reality, I was covering my mouth to hold the agonizing screams back. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was suffering from cysts on my ovaries and endometriosis.

Like any ultra-busy mom of four, I ignored all the signs leading up to the final decision to have a hysterectomy. There were hundreds of days of awkward pain, stabbing sensations, mini fevers, and the eventual collapse at my hip from a firm stance to a limp noodle on the ground.

The pain was immense. It kept me petrified of my husband’s penetration. Trust me, crying during sex is not a turn-on, for anyone!

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My little one was four by the time I finally did see an OB/GYN. She delivered the terrible news of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Stage 4 Vaginal Prolapse, and the real pain causer, Endometriosis.

When she showed me the monitor and how the endometriosis was growing
outside of my uterus, I knew what would have to come next. So of course and in good ol’ me fashion, I yelled “F*CK NO!” and stormed out.

Saying no felt good, but losing my sexual appetite for my husband didn’t. I spent the next twelve months making a real effort to endure the pain. Unfortunately, the pain put our marital passions at a complete halt. I wasn’t happy about that and felt robbed of the life I wanted with him.

The inevitable happened. I opted for surgery. Post-surgery was rough and unexpected. After a few days, I was hotter than the black tar tops of roads. I wanted HIM and I wanted him every second of every day. The doctor had told me to wait six weeks for sex after a hysterectomy surgery. However, my body didn’t give a hoot and kept trying to take him before that. The amazing husband he was and still is, he managed to actually hold off; even during the craziest things he was forced to watch.

For example, after a hysterectomy, constipation can be a painful side effect. Well, we didn’t know that and when it happened to me, we did the unthinkable. On the bathroom floor, I found myself naked with my bottom up in the air and him about to stuff a suppository up my bum. He was curiously anxious as he placed it up there and then just stared at me as I reacted to him doing so. His boyish smile was the flirty side of him that I had longed for and though it came about from a stuffing, my bum was excited his hands were there.

Once the pain dissipated, I felt everything in a heightened manner, including orgasms! After the six weeks were up and I was cleared for normal married-couple sex, we embarked on a test drive. That test drive was over in less than five minutes. The best part was the joy on his face knowing that I enjoyed it as much as I did. This time, he was the one covering my mouth so the kids wouldn’t hear the crazy hyena sounds I was making.

When you go through a hysterectomy and survive, you stop caring about the little things. I used to care about what I looked like naked, what I sounded like during, and what positions my pancake breasts would look best in. The hysterectomy revived my sexual confidence and filled me with a horniness equal to that of a teenager. The flip-flop boobies were released and I was proud of them!

With no pain and a new libido set on overdrive, the possibilities are now endless. I have discovered so many helpful tips to share, post-hysterectomy. Did you know that car sex is not just for young couples? FYI, the driver seat is intoxicating as it honks when he’s honking you!

Whisper sex is extremely intimate; feels as if we’re teenagers again trying not to get caught by our parents! Did you know that a warm piece of laundry can set you off and make you face your fears of arachnophobia because the sex is going to be worth it? Keep in mind, after a laundry room bout, you may incur some additional expenses. Several storage containers broke during our last laundry room adventure because they simply could not withstand that kind of up and down motion!

The takeaway… parts of me that stopped working pre-hysterectomy are working better than ever before. The sensations of sex after hysterectomy surgery are wealthily vivid and because I’m frequently excited, he’s savoring me more often. All the minor distractions are just that, tiny moments until the next time we can put our hands all over each other.

No place in our home is safe from my newly found sex drive!

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Kimberly Pangaro

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