Science of Parenthood| Jessica Ziegler on MomCave LIVE

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 Who says parenthood fries your brain and turns you into a zombie? On a new episode of MomCave LIVE, we talk about the Science of Parenthood with Jessica Ziegler. Jessica (along with her blog partner Norine Dworkin-McDaniel) is the mama behind the illustrated parenting blog, inspired by the madness of raising kids, which even science can’t understand.

MomCave’s Jen and Dina learn some of science’s sillier theorems. Like…

science of parenthood

science of parenthood

science of parenthood

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The Science of Parenthood. Jessica  Ziegler on MomCave LIVE

(This episode aired live on MomCave.)

About Science of Parenthood…

Everything we ever needed to know about parenting we learned in middle school math and science class … only we didn’t realize it then because we were too busy chasing boys to actually pay attention to whatever the teacher was going on and on and on about. But we must have absorbed something through osmosis … or is it photosynthesis? Well, it’s definitely one of these “ois”’s or “esis”’s because once we caught our boys (er, husbands) … and then, incredibly, gave birth to two more, it all came back to us, like in one of those pricey SAT prep courses.

Science of Parenthood was created by magazine writer Norine Dworkin-McDaniel and illustrator/web developer Jessica Ziegler.

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