Remington Snap Braid Review (sort of) | Hobbs & Hayworth

Remington Snap Braid Review Hobbs and Hayworth

Our favorite sassy, smart-assy Southern duo are back with a Remington Snap Braid review. Well, sort of. The copious amount of champagne consumed may have clouded their judgment.

You’ve seen the carelessly sexy fishtail braids on the runway and the red carpet. You know, like this?

fishtail braid remington snap braid review MomCave

Sexy fishtail braid. What the Remington Snap Braid promises…

Well, enter the Remington Snap Braid. A plastic device that is purported to create such carelessly sexy coiffures. Upon a careful trial by Harmony and Audrey, the resulting hairstyle made them feel more like… a horse’s ass.

Remington Snap Braid Horses Ass MomCave

This horse’s arse came out better than our hair.

Watch Harmony and Audrey’s full review and shenanigans in the video below. And stay tuned for more episodes of Hobbs & Hayworth on MomCaveTV.

Remington Snap  Braid Review Hobbs and Hayworth


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