Real Moms Telling Hilarious Real Stories About Motherhood

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No one knows how simultaneously crazy and funny life can be more than a mom. And in many cases, the truth is stranger than fiction. You have to have a sense of humor about the curveballs life can throw at you, and hearing other real moms telling hilarious real stories can show how to make the best of a bad situation. 

Funny moms sharing their wackiest and funniest moments can also help you feel like you’re not the only one still figuring this parenting thing out. You can find hosts of funny mom videos online (that’s what MomCave is all about! ) but here are some written anecdotes to make you smile. These are from our video series Blabbermom: Real moms. Real Stories. Real laughs.

When You Can’t Wait Anymore

When you’re a mom, your needs come after your children’s. But, things get a bit more complicated when that need is to pee! Alixx knew this all too well when she found herself desperate to go when driving to her parent’s house with her two young children in the backseat. 

Alixx did everything she could to take her mind off her bladder, with the next rest stop a fair while down the road. She tried singing and chatting to herself to distract herself, trying not to wake up her dozing kids. Eventually, Alixx decided she couldn’t wait anymore and decided to cut her losses and pee on the side of the road. 

She pulled over, got out, dropped her pants, and began to relieve herself, only to look up and find her son had grabbed her phone and was filming her! Alixx tried to get her son to stop filming her and put the phone down, all whilst trying to wrangle her bladder and her pants. 

She thought things couldn’t get worse, but a New Jersey state trooper also arrived to tell her to pull up her pants or get a ticket. Alixx took the state trooper’s advice and bundled her children back into the car to finish the trip to her parent’s house with a story to tell them. It’s always good to have a reminder to pee before you leave! Here’s a video of Alixx’s funny parenting story.

An Emergency Trip to ER 

A parent’s worst fear is their kid hurting themselves, but, as Naomi knows firsthand, you can either lean into the humor of the situation as a funny mom or risk panicking. At Naomi’s friend’s house, her son lost his balance taking off his shoes, but as he threw his hand out to regain his balance, Naomi’s friend closed the door on his hand. 

Naomi heard a scream and saw her friend with her son’s hand under the sink, but when her friend opened the napkin she’d wrapped his hand in, blood was everywhere. Naomi could even see her son’s exposed nerve in his left ring finger in a gruesome moment. 

They rushed to the hospital, and Naomi, who is a funny mom even in scary situations, cracked a joke to the doctor trying to stem her son’s bleeding. Her son, who takes after her, also spotted the opportunity to keep things lighthearted and asked, “Mom, can I get a puppy now?”

A Breastfeeding Mishap

Breastfeeding publicly is steadily becoming acceptable and welcomed, so mothers no longer have to worry about feeding their baby when out and about. Jenny was at the park with her son and her husband, a well-known figure in the community, who is on a local TV station.

Jenny was two years into nursing, so she was unconcerned with covering her breasts when feeding and began to nurse her son in the park. She did notice; however, a couple of strangers were staring at her. She became increasingly irritated at their rudeness before her husband suggested that it may be that they simply recognized him and that they weren’t judging her feeding at all. 

An Unfortunate Squirrel Story

Beth, who has four kids, was out for a walk with a new friend on a beautiful day- her older kids rode their bikes on the path while she watched her eighteen-month-old daughter. 

Beth saw that her daughter had her head buried in something and was lovingly petting an object close to her face. When Beth got closer, she saw it was a detached squirrel tail! It had clearly just come off a dead squirrel, with part of the squirrel still attached. Disgusting! Although the squirrel’s tail was soft, there’s no knowing what germs are present, but that’s hard to explain to your young daughter.

Beth was forced to wrestle with her daughter to remove her from her new favorite toy as her daughter cried and screamed. All while her new friend looked on – not precisely the outing Beth had planned.

The Penis Obsession

Victoria’s youngest son was obsessed with potty talk, like many young children. But he was even more obsessed with his…. boy parts! Her three old son could be heard all times of day shouting:

“Look, my penis is on my leg!”

“Mom, is it time to wash my penis?”

“Mom, my penis is bouncing up and down!”

Good luck trying to keep him from exclaiming about his penis in public! 

Falling from the Window, Naked

Many young kids don’t particularly enjoy wearing clothes, like Regina’s eight-year-old son Justin who liked to run around naked. So Regina and her husband let Justin run around in the upstairs of the house naked, so he could have fun but still be separate from his younger sisters. 

Suddenly they heard a crash, and sure enough, Justin had fallen from one of their windows after leaning on the screen! He fell through the awning and even down a few stairs, so Regina immediately called an ambulance, all while Justin was still naked as the day he was born. 

The doctors x-rayed Justin’s entire body at the hospital and told Regina that he hadn’t broken anything. Despite that, Regina noticed Justin was refusing to put weight on his foot and went to several different doctors to confirm that Justin had broken his leg in the fall after all.

The Handbag “Dealer”

Who doesn’t love a cheap designer handbag? Erna, a mom of three, would regularly go pick up counterfeit bags from a woman she called her ‘dealer’ instead of forking out thousands of dollars for an authentic designer handbag that looked exactly the same. 

On Black Friday, Erna’s ‘dealer’ was having a sale, so Erna drove over to her house, only to be caught in traffic. When she finally arrived at around half-past ten in the morning, she saw seven police cars in the front of the house, and all the women intending to buy the handbags were stopped by the cops and asked to show their licenses. The cops tore apart the woman’s house and operation, and Erna managed to leave scot-free, thankful for once that traffic had kept her from arriving on time. However, it did mean that Erna needed a new handbag dealer! 

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Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t make your children take up the hobbies you love. Chrissy and her husband tried out loads of different sports with their son to see if he enjoyed any of them, but none stuck. Eventually, they enrolled him in Taekwondo classes and spent nearly $100 on the uniform, registration, and class fee. 

An Unathletic Child

When they went to the class, all the other children were neatly lined up and listening, whilst Chrissy’s son was utterly distracted. He sat down, started picking his nose, and eventually put his shirt over his head and spun around in circles. 

Chrissy’s husband was nothing but encouraging, while Chrissy did her best to avoid the eyes of the other judging parents involved. Needless to say, Taekwondo still wasn’t the right sport for their son.  

The Zoo Misfire

Donei, a full-time mom who only lived five minutes away from the Bronx Zoo, finally decided to take her daughter to see some wildlife. They arrived bright and early at 10 o’clock and started with the baboon enclosure.

They watched the baboons play with each other while one came closer to them, traveling down the hill. Donei watched the baboon approach quicker and quicker, and at the exact moment, her daughter’s sock came off. Donei knew it was irrational but couldn’t shake the feeling the baboon was coming for her daughter’s sock!

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Photo by Dylan Mullins on Unsplash

Donei bundled her daughter into the stroller and decided to move to go and see the bear enclosures. Unfortunately, it was deep into Autumn at that point, and leaves were heavy on the ground so that you couldn’t see anything underneath the leaves. Children on school trips were running around, and it looked like there could be something moving beneath the carpet of leaves. Donei, already shaken, decided just to call it a day. They were back at her house before the clock struck 10:30!

What’s NOT in the Perfect Picture

Every family photo is a lie, and most, especially those taken abroad, are more fit for summer vacation memes than framed in your living room. Jenny knows how staged every photo is, having hired a photographer to come and take pictures of her family outside. 

Dressed in their best clothes, her son eventually got tired of posing and began to get restless. First, Jenny and her husband let him sip some cool water, and then her son wanted to kiss Jenny. 

The photographer became enamored with the adorable scene and said it should be the subject of one of the photos. Jenny’s son sipped more water and went to kiss her, only to spit the water all over her face in a perfect spit take. 

Photo opportunity ruined, Jenny had to take a walk and count to ten to keep calm, but they still ended up with a framed photo from that day in their house, even though no one knows how disastrous the session went in real life. 

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Moms telling real stories about the mishaps that come with everyday life when you have kids is good to pick you up when you’re feeling down or feel like you’re a terrible parent. Making an effort to see the lighthearted side to a frustrating situation and letting yourself BE a funny mom can help parenting become the adventure it’s supposed to be. 

You can find funny mom videos online if you want further proof that kids do the wildest things, and it can be a wonderful opportunity to blow off some steam and relax, as an alternative to endlessly scrolling TikTok. Just remember, when your child gets into a frustrating situation, try to keep things light and this will probably be a hilarious story to tell in a few years. You might even want to start documenting your mishaps so you can share your real-life funny mom stories with others! 

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