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Potty Training is so much fun! NOT.

It’s stressful, time consuming, messy and downright heart breaking. Poke around the internet and you’ll get all types of advice about charts and rewards and teaching infants how to do it from birth and the rest of that nonsense. But you’re a busy mom who just wants to get this potty training shit OVER WITH! Image result for potty training clipart free

So here are some REAL potty training tips that will get your toddler potty trained in no time!

Ditch the Pull-ups

You heard me right. I’ll say it again, DITCH THE PULL-UPS. Don’t get me wrong – pull-ups have a time and place. When you are first teaching your child about the potty, they are great.

I’m just saying don’t keep them on for too long. When you get the sense that your child is ready to go on the potty full time, you need to lose them.

Think about it – when a kid pees or poops themselves, it feels the same as it did when they were doing it in the diaper. So why should they give up pooping behind the couch? It still feels soooo good. So what’s a mama to do?  Believe it or not you need to-

Put that kiddo in big kid underwear, open the washer and wait!

My mother told me to do this and I swear it worked. I took away my daughter’s princess pull-ups, put her in the Dora big girl underwear that grandma helped her pick out, opened the washer and waited.

Let’s just say she HATED how she felt when she peed herself.

Within 24 hours my daughter was fully trained for the pee and within 48 hours for the poo. And if washing some soiled clothes isn’t for you, you can…

Do it in the SUMMER

Send them out into the backyard in a long tee shirt and let them roam free. It’s not as messy and you are still getting them to understand what it feels like to go to the bathroom on themselves. Image result for summer clipart freeIf they do have an accident, the garden hose makes for easy clean-up. And speaking of clean up you’ll want to remember to…

Teach your girls to wipe from back to front

This may seem obvious to some, but if this isn’t in your hygiene routine, it should be. You’ll save yourself and your little gal a lot of grief from UTIs.

And to keep your bathroom from being covered in pee stains…

Teach your boys to aim and invest in a Splatter Shield

Show your son to lift the toilet seat and have him play shooting gallery with some cheerios or fruit loops in the water. We found this great product called the Splatter Shield that fits easily on the toilet, whether your bowl is oval or round, and it prevents all those gross pee stains from getting all over the toilet while your little guy is learning to aim. If you’re really savvy, you’ll have all the male members of your house use it. Get one of your own here! – Don’t forget to teach your son to put the toilet seat back down. His future wife will thank you.

And remember –

“No one goes off to college in their diapers.” Eventually, they will get it. Try the tactics above for a few days and if it isn’t clicking give yourself and your kid a break and try in another month or two. 

Some kids, especially boys, are 3 1/2 or almost 4 until it all clicks and that’s okay. NONE of this has any reflection on you as a parent. And PLEASE don’t start comparing yourself or your child to the uber mom down the block whose kid was fully trained by age 2. Kids do it when THEY are damn well ready.


Jen & Dina Talk LIVE about Potty Training Boys and The Splatter Shield


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