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Are you team #Boymom or #Girlmom? Or maybe, like me, you have one of both. When it comes time to potty train, is there REALLY a difference between potty training boys vs girls? We dove deep into the depths of the internet to bring you the lowdown on this question.

What does SCIENCE say about Potty Training Boys vs. Girls?

FACT: Most girls potty train earlier than boys. (I’m not gonna extrapolate to say that us females are smarter… but, you know what I’m thinking. 😉

” The median ages for “staying dry during the day” were 32.5 months (95% confidence interval: 30.9–33.7) and 35.0 months (95% confidence interval: 33.3–36.7) for girls and boys, respectively. ” -According to a 2002 study.

Real Life Moms (aka NOT scientists) on Potty Training Boys vs. Girls

Tips for Boys:

  • When you’re potty training boys, face them toward the back of the toilet when sitting down to pee. There still might be mess, but less of it. Also, get used to wiping down the bathroom every single day to avoid it constantly smelling like pee! -June, The Experienced Mama
  • As a mom, going to the bathroom by yourself is a luxury.  Children watch how you do things and copy them, so it is just natural for them to sit while potty training.  If Hubs was doing the majority of the potty training it might be different, but then again maybe not because there are more messes to clean up when standing. –Little Miss Kate
  • My #1 tip when it comes to potty training boys vs girls is to teach them BOTH TO SIT. So often people train their sons to pee standing up but then it can lead to fears about sitting down to poop. MUCH easier to train to sit until they are old enough to understand the difference!  -Emily, Journey of Parenthood
  • And specifically re boys… A. Make them sit down. And B. Buy a shitload of bleach because there will be PLENTY of ‘my willy didn’t point the right way!’ moments. My daughter literally never peed on my face or on the ceiling. FML. -Frances, Whinge, Whinge, Wine
  •  I had a girl first. Seemed easy peasy with potty training, sit and tinkle! A couple years later a boy comes along. To a avoid all the mess other boy moms face I decided I was going to teach him to pee sitting down. Worked like a charm for a year. Then he went to primary school and the other boys thought him new tricks and now I have pee on the back of toilet seats, on the side of the bowl and the floor ??‍♀️ –Kathryn Anywhere

Are you sensing a theme here??

Tips for Girls:

  •  My daughter was very scared of the potty so I ended up hugging her while she peed for the first few times. She needed extra comfort. It’s super awkward to hug someone while they pee, but toddlers are essentially tiny drunk people and I feel like there were some days in college where I had to hug a friend on the toilet.  -Nikki, Toots Mom is Tired
  • I have one daughter so I’m not sure if this is an accurate technique but in my experience, if you wait long enough, it happens on its own. LOL. We waited for a while because nothing seemed to work, and then in 2 exact days she got potty trained. ?‍♀️ – Mujde Muji Bau, Soiree Group
  • Teaching them to wipe front to back each time is challenging. Also, public toilet seats are gross, and tiny kids can’t “hover.” -Michelle Riddell

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