Show Us Your Post Baby Belly | Mamas are beautiful.

Mummy Tummy CollageWe think moms bodies are beautiful. Before, during, AND after pregnancy. For most of us, our abdomens will never be the same. We should celebrate that as a badge of honor. Our bodies did something magical. We grew a human!! We kept it in there for months at a time!

To celebrate the beauty of motherhood, in all it’s shapes and sizes, we’re making a compilation video. Send us a photo of your “mummy tummy.” No need to show your face, if you don’t want. Or DO show your face, if you’re proud. It’s up to you.

We think it will be awesome to see the range of sizes, shapes, colors, ages, stretch marks, C-section scars, and all. Tell us how many months postpartum the pic is and how many babies came out of that belly of yours.

PS-We don’t want to leave adoptive moms out! You can participate, too! After all, we’re sure your body has changed since becoming a parent. (Can you say no time for the gym?)

Send a photo of your post baby belly to momcavetv at gmail dot com with a note saying we have your permission to use them in our video.

This is going to be epic!




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