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Magnificent Me Magnetic Baby Clothes

Where can you go to drive a stroller on different terrains, find a cure for baby flatulence, AND eat copious amounts of cupcakes? The New York Baby Show! It’s a two-day mega-event held each year, with 5,000 families attending and 200 vendors showing off all the latest in baby and kid gear.

MomCavers Jen, Dina, and Chrissy spent the day hunting out the best baby gear finds while having a ton of fun! In this video, we talk about one of our Jen’s old standbys. Scroll below to see our Top 3 Picks from the show!

What works for snotty kids AND whiny husbands?


Our 2017 Picks from the New York Baby Show

Britax ClickTight 

Between my husband, me, grandparents, and babysitters, we are constantly installing and uninstalling car seats. (Please don’t tell me to buy a car seat for every car. Do you think I’m made of money??) Car seats are so laborious to install and apparently most people install them incorrectly, compromising the performance of the seat and the safety of the kiddos in them. Enter Britax’s revolutionary ClickTight technology, the most secure and easiest installation system I’ve seen yet. With just 3 simple steps, I was able to “install” this one in about 45 seconds. Win!


Magnificent Me Magnetic Baby Clothes

Magnetic Closure Baby Clothes

All those adorable baby outfits you get at your shower, with the teeny-tiny snaps and buttons are worthless when you have a squirmy little one. 

Magnificent Baby invented a line of (cute!) clothes with a magnetic closure system. All you need to do is line the magnets up and watch them close. So you won’t have to physically restrain your child to dress them. Check out some of our favorites here:


Mina Kay Bags

I’m so over diaper bags. Check out this deceptive beauty. It comes with a baby insert to keep you organized. Crafted from premium vegan leather and given a water resistant finish so you wouldn’t have to worry about spills, spit ups, and rain. 

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