Peppa Pig and Me Book Personalized Book Review

Peppa Pig and Me Personalized Book Penwizard

I was very excited to try out a personalized book from Penwizard, a UK-based business that makes personalized books starring your little one. Being that my son can get a little restless during story time, and would rather watch Frozen for the 80th time, I wanted to see what magic would come of this book.

I tried out the Peppa Pig and Me book selection. Good choice. I love Peppa Pig. Who wouldn’t? Very cute cartoon characters with cute voices and pigs. We don’t have cable so we don’t get to watch Nick Jr., but we know who Peppa is. Her face shows up occasionally during a YouTube search, or maybe we’ll see her at Duane Reade in the toy section. I’m drawn to how Peppa looks. It’s sort of a Hello Kitty fascination, where I want to start buying Peppa erasers and Peppa perfumed pencils and tiny Peppa manicure kits. I don’t know how my son feels about Peppa, but I took the risk in getting this book!

I went to to start my order. First, you need to pick out your Peppa Pig book. Options include:

  • Peppa Christmas
  • Your child and Peppa go to a Playgroup
  • Peppa Pig Christmas Party
  • Peppa and your child go Swimming
  • Peppa Goes to your child’s Party
  • Peppa Goes to your child’s party – the pink version
  • Christmas Peppa Pig and your child go to a Playgroup

I picked the swimming book, as it seemed very appropriate for my child. He loves the pool, and given the public pool is now closed until next summer, perhaps the Peppa story will cheer him up. I’m curious about the Playgroup book options. Were Peppa and my child going to a playgroup together for the first time? Hey, how about “Peppa and your child go to 1st Al-Anon Meeting”? I’d buy that one!

Peppa Pig and Me Personalized Book Penwizard

Now comes the fun part, I get to create my child character for the book! This will take you a while to complete. Not because it’s difficult or a burden but because you will spend much time playing around with every skin color, hair color, hair style, and eye color. I know what my kid looks like, but I want to know what ridiculous skin and hair color combos look like! Had to be done.

Peppa Pig and Me Personalized Book Penwizard

Personalizing Your Child’s Book

Finally, you can add a personalized message, which goes on the first page of the book. I wrote, “Dear Xander, I wanted you to have this book because you love swimming! And I love you. – Mommy.” I could have easily written, “Xander, pick up a book once in a while.”

The book is $24.95 plus shipping. Took about two weeks to get the book. I was excited to see how my son would react. I handed him the package, and I said he had a present! He opened the book, and I had him spell his name that was on the cover. Then he just stared at it for a while, confused. I kept saying. “Look, Xander, that’s you! You’re in the book!” The look on his face was priceless. A sort of “Huh???”

Then we read it together.

He loved it. Now he’ll bring the book to me to read to him again and again. I think these make wonderful gifts, especially for the 0-5 age range. You could even get this as a baby shower gift for a pregnant mom….the mom that knows the exact sex and name of the baby!

Great gift idea, for kids who love to read, and those who don’t!


Peppa Pig and Me Personalized Book Penwizard

Xander’s Book!

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