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When world events make us feel powerless, what can we, as parents, do?

As parents, we have AMAZING power to create change. Just by vowing to teach our children to love. What if we all banded to together as parents, to send a message to the world? That no matter how we lean politically, we are united as parents that all want the same things for our children and their future.

So I urge you to SIGN and to agree to the following Parents’ PACT and to discuss these points with your children.

We had some amazing mamas join us and send in videos. Shout out to:

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We, as parents, have tremendous power to shape a generation, one tiny human at a time. Join us in our Parents’ Pact

Parents have tremendous power to shape a generation, one kid at a time. Parents' Pact. To Tweet


The Parents’ Pact

I vow to teach my children to be;

To be Kind – to all! Even when they don’t feel like it or it doesn’t make sense to be.

To be Loving – to ALL human beings no matter their race, gender, religious beliefs or lack thereof.

To be understanding- to strive to learn about and understand other cultures and beliefs and find a way to co-exist in a peaceful environment. To seek common values and use them as a bridge for peace.

To be gracious and generous with your heart and your worldly possessions.

To take care of our planet. It’s the only one we have and we need to leave it better than we found it.

To help those that need it. Even when it’s hard.

To love yourself and respect your body, and to not harm others.

To be an active and positive member of your community. No matter how big or small.

To be a light for others and to be a beacon of peace.

To be true to your WORD – to understand that words have power. Power to bring good to the world or to bring division. It’s your choice.


Parents' Pact for Peace from MomCaveTV



Dina Drew

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