Parenting Standards… Lowered. | Anna Lane on MomCave LIVE

Lowered Parenting Standards Anna Lane on MomCave LIVE

Dear Parents I Used to Nanny For,

Twenty years, twenty pounds, and a marriage and two kids ago, I was your nanny. And I judged you. My parenting standards were based on unrealistic expectations. I knew nothing of the shit storm that is parenting. While I made bewildered mental notes about the state of your home, the behavior of your children, and your fashion choices, you were keeping actual human beings alive. I apologize.

Lowered Parenting Standards Anna Lane MomCave LIVE

Anna Lane of Misadventures in Motherhood

I have seen the light. And so has Anna Lane, who is our next guest on MomCave LIVE.  Since actually birthing babies, Anna and I have both lowered our parenting standards.  Like WAY lowered. Anna is a former standup comedian, Los Angeles editor for Stroller Traffic, and blogs at Misadventures in Motherhood. Watch us as we talk about our ahem… adjusted parenting standards.

Parenting Standards… Lowered | Anna Lane/Misadventures of Motherhood on MomCave LIVE 

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Lowered Parenting Standards Anna Lane on MomCave LIVE


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  • Ashley Rush

    I love what you’re doing – it’s impossible to live up to all these crazy standards!


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