Parenting Humor and Mom Hacks We Desperately Need Right Now 

parenting humor and mom hacks we need right now momcavetv

Mom hacks are definitely something we could all use a little more of in our lives! Sometimes, a few things to make the days go by a little easier are exactly what we need. That’s why stealing other people’s helpful tricks is always at the top of our list of things to do. For those of you who want to be less ‘obsessive mom’ and more ‘slacker mom’ for a while, we’ve got your back.

We All Need A Laugh

There are some absolutely hilarious videos online that only parents will ever be able to truly appreciate. We all need a laugh to keep us going, and a few funny mom videos might just be the thing to get your lips upturned in a smile.

YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and other social media are where you are likely to find the most relatable, and yet hilarious, videos. Check some out the next time that you are feeling stressed, or just need to find some humor while knowing you’re not alone.

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A Few Nifty Little Hacks We Can’t Live Without Now

Organizing Clothes That Don’t Fit

When your little one outgrows something in their closet, going all the way to put it in the attic or the basement can be a huge chore. Instead, keep a couple of plastic storage boxes in the bottom of your kids’ closet. Label them “too small” and “too big.” When something no longer fits, just throw it into the “too small box”, then when the box is full, put a lid on it and it’s ready to donate, consign, or give to a younger sibling or cousin. The “too big” box is for those hand-me-downs that don’t quite fit yet.

Save Money on Produce

I feel stupid that I didn’t know this sooner. It’s now one of my FAVE kitchen hacks!

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Keep A Small Bag Of Activities In The Car

We’ve all had those days where no matter what, your kid just wants to do something entirely different than what they are doing. If you’re running errands in the car all day, they are bored out of their minds. If you’re out at the park, they want to be coloring, typical! So, a cool hack we’ve got for you is to keep a small bag of activities in the car for all occasions. If they’re bored in the car? Throw them a coloring book or something else cool from the stash.

Marshmallow Ice Pack

Might seem like a little bit of a weird and funny one, but we swear by it now. At some point, your kid is going to need an ice pack. If you fill a ziplock bag with marshmallows and freeze it, not only will it make the situation a little less scary for your child, but it will also be easier to mold around the injured area! 

Rainy Day Activities

After a couple years of intermittent lockdowns, on and off distance learning, and quarantines, we’re all running out of ideas to keep kids entertained at home. Here are lists of some of the ones that have worked for us:

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Snow Day Activities for Kids

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the little bits of parent humor and mom hacks that we need right now. It’s a tough time at the moment, but we’ve got this. Moms, we just gotta stick together and keep on keeping on!

Parenting Humor and Mom Hacks We Need Right Now from MomCaveTV

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