Parenting Hacks: Tips for Entertaining Kids Indoors Through Winter

Parenting Hacks: Tips for Entertaining Kids Indoors Through Winter

Keeping the kids entertained is quite a bit easier when it’s nice outside because they can burn off all that excess energy by running around. But then winter rolls in, and with it comes the cold weather. Believe me—keeping children active inside can be a bit tricky, even for a well-seasoned parent. But, with these parenting hacks, you’ll have some fantastic tips for entertaining kids indoors through winter!

Schedule Crafting Days

Ditch those slime DIYs and the mess they leave for an exciting and educational craft. Art is a great way to get your little ones to express themselves as they flex those creative muscles. Plus, art is fun for everyone!

Looking for great ideas? Try tailoring the activity to your child’s interests. For example, if your kids love dinosaurs, try out incredibly fun dinosaur crafts. Together, you could make a dino-centric diorama or draw a Mesozoic landscape.

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If you want to turn a day of crafting into a game, grab some paper and crayons, then have a drawing contest with your kiddo!

Have a Home Gym Day

If you live anywhere that expects temperature drops and snow, your kids can only play outside for so long. So, on those freezing days, beat the cold with a home gym day. Get down to their level and help your kids set up an obstacle course or have them show off their best workout routine—everything from jumping jacks to pushups is fair game! I know I always work up a sweat during these activities!

Play With Science

Nothing beats a little experimenting, especially when you’re a kid. Set up a spot in the sink or tub to mix baking soda or vinegar to introduce your child to the world of chemistry. Or amaze your child by layering liquids in a glass. You could do the typical vinegar and oil example or layer honey, dish soap, water, and rubbing alcohol for something more colorful.

With the snowy season often comes the common cold and sometimes the flu, so try out a science experiment that teaches kids about germs. Put dish soap, water, and glitter in a dish; the glitter will repel from the soap. This helps remind kids of the importance of washing their hands and practicing similar habits during this time of year.

Do a Scavenger Hunt

My final tip for entertaining kids indoors through winter is to do a scavenger hunt. While you could hide some of your child’s toys and other objects throughout your home, this isn’t necessary for a scavenger hunt.

Create a list of things for your child to spot, similar to a game of ISpy. I find that this activity becomes especially useful when you need to occupy the kids while you’re multi-tasking. Remember to keep that scavenger hunt tricky with well-hidden things so that your little one remains entertained for a while.

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