Parent-Teacher Conferences During Covid 19 | Parody Video Distance Learning

When you are the teacher, parent teacher conference during covid 19 funny video

It’s over! It’s over! It’s finally over. This school year took our all. With no transition (or training or prep!) whatsoever, we ALL became teachers. Call it distance learning, call it homeschooling, but whatever you call it, it kind of sucked. So here’s my imagining of how parent-teacher conferences during Covid 19 might go. When your SELF has an evaluation by your TEACHER SELF!

Here’s the video! Parent-Teacher Conferences During Covid 19 Imagined!

Before I had kids, (B.K.=Before Kids) I idealized the idea of homeschooling. I trained as a teacher for a time and worked for years as a nanny. I loved the idea of teaching my kids through carefully curated activities and experiences. Then I had kids and quickly came to my senses. Leave the teaching to the professionals, for sure. But even more importantly, parents and children desperately need those six hours plus a day away from each other. There’s the obvious reason… like I need to work to make a living and can’t think straight with two kids interrupting me every two seconds. And the not-so-obvious reasons like children need to respect an authority other than their parents and have time to learn and socialize with other children.

This March, with no transition or warning whatsoever, ALL parents became homeschooling parents. I looked into transferring my students to a different homeschool, but had no luck.

Parent Teacher Conferences During Covid 19 via Zoom by MomCave


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