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Comedian and Palm Reader Julie Kidd

Hold onto your crystal balls and prepare to laugh your palms off, folks, because MomCave LIVE is taking a mystical turn with the one and only Julie Kidd! We’ve got the comedian who delivers punchlines and can predict the future of your parenting journey through the art of palmistry. Yes, you heard it right—she’s the stand-up sensation with a side hustle in palm reading, because who needs a parenting manual when you can consult the lines on your hand?

Humor, parenting, and resilience.

Jen: Welcome to MomCave LIVE where we may have lost our minds, but we haven’t lost our sense of humor. I have a fun guest tonight.

Julie Kidd: Hi, Hola.

Jen: Hola from Costa Rica.

Julie Kidd: Welcome. Thank you for having me.

Jen: You’re so welcome. I like this to be more like a casual hangout that everybody can participate in. You are a fascinating person. We have a lot to discuss!

Julie Kidd: Awesome. I did bring my wine.

At That Age

Jen: Well then, you have your wine, I have my wine, cheers! I always heard that when you are a woman of a certain age, you begin to put ice in your wine. I must be of that age, so I do that.

Julie Kidd: I’ve been putting in a little bit of water just because I don’t want to have too much alcohol in my body, to kind of ration a little bit.

Jen: The ice helps water it down and cool it off because I’m always hot. I don’t know about you.

Julie Kidd: I’m a little past that stage, thank God, but I am in Costa Rica. Yeah, I guess I’m hot.

Jen: You are hot stuff because I was reading your bio. Let’s see, the ladies of The View named you, deigned you, crowned you, right? The most? The funniest?

Funniest Mom: Full Circle

Julie Kidd: It was interesting. They were doing a nationwide contest for the hilarious housewives, I wasn’t married at the time, divorced a couple of times. I was hanging out with a guy. Let’s say he was kind of living with me.
I went to the contest, and I won, it was just such a great opportunity. It’s been about a decade. I won a trip to Hawaii, and I got to hang out with Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, and Sherri Shepherd, who I had done comedy with decades ago when she was starting before she was doing TV and talk shows. So, just having that full circle, I was on The View 20 years before that, or 15 in that same contest, and I did not win. So it was a good comeback to come back and get it.

Jen: That’s a life lesson. Sometimes, you’re just not ready for one thing, and it comes around.

Julie Kidd: So very wonderful.

Embracing Your Funny Bone

Embracing your funny bone Julie KKidd

Jen: Many things in life don’t go as planned, and I think that’s a great topic to discuss with you because your book, what’s the name of the book that you have? I want to make sure I’m getting it right, “Embracing your funny bone-

Julie Kidd: “Embracing My Funny Bone Even When Shit Happens”, I wrote it before COVID. I was doing a lot of public speaking and comedy and selling it. And then, of course, COVID hit and everything shut down. And then during Covid

Jen: Shit happened.

Julie Kidd: Yeah, shit happened, and then nothing happened.

Jen: For a long time.

Laughing Through the Pain

Julie Kidd: I talk a lot about how it’s very vulnerable, just going through life struggles, and how my sense of humor has gotten me through everything. Many times, being on stage after, I don’t know, maybe this is jumping in too soon. I have a son that had epilepsy, and I’d be driving to a gig, and I’m three, four hours away on the road. Then the hospital calls and I have to get on stage in an hour. Of course, I would get on stage and then jump off, I need to go. That being said, if you have a sense of humor and creativity, you can get through most anything.

Jen: I don’t know, sometimes you have, especially as a parent, you just keep going. Then you get in this mode. You knew you had to get on stage so that you could get to him after. How did you focus?

Stage Life Vs Real Life

Julie Kidd: What’s interesting is, when I’m on stage, I don’t even know I have a life. Other things keep me sane. I mean, and I would say I taught dance for 25 years. When I’m teaching and in the dance studio, I’m dancing and tapping away. I’m not thinking much, and it is such a nice break for your brain. Then all of a sudden, you stop teaching, or you get off stage, you’re like, “Oh my god, my life is shit. I gotta go.”
You do you and keep going. I was a single mom and raised three kids. I’d experienced so many different lives and chapters being a dance mom working full-time teaching. I did comedy for over 30 years, and I never stopped. Now, I couldn’t go on the road per se because I had three kids. I wasn’t in a relationship and wasn’t married. It kept me sane. Now, my kids are a little screwed up.

Jen: Well, look, everybody is screwed up in the end. We always blame our parents. We’re the parents, and they’re gonna blame us. It feels like it’s just the circle of life.

Comedy Helps

Julie Kidd: Yeah, and embarrassing your kids too, my kids don’t know me. They didn’t know me when I wasn’t doing comedy. I was doing comedy with my daughter, who’s now 30, when she was in the womb. I have always wanted to be a comedian, and I’m glad I did. It got me through a lot of life.

I’ve endured a lot of death.

Parents, brother, stepsister, who was my best friend; who I did comedy with. she and I. She produced The Funniest Housewives first, and when she passed, I took it over by myself. That was a lot of work, but I did it for her. I did it to stay close to her. I swear, she comes to me all the time, “Do this, do that.”

Pushing Through and Keeping Grounded

Then, my son passed away two years ago, and it was hard to do comedy. After that, I had a huge show at the Brea Improv about four weeks after he passed. I couldn’t do it. My son had epilepsy, and that’s how that took his life.

I decided to turn it into an epilepsy fundraiser, and almost all of the funniest housewives showed up. We turned it into this grand show and raised money for the Epilepsy Foundation in honor of my son. Then, little by little, I got back to comedy. It was hard to commit. I’d say, “Yeah, I’ll be there Friday.” And then, by that morning, I was like, “Oh, why did I say yeah?” but I did it. It was good for me because I had to push myself, and pushing keeps you grounded.

Jen: It does. I was going to put the link to your book in the comments, but of course, it’s giving me trouble.

How To Get The Book

Julie Kidd: It’s on Amazon, I was looking at it today because I forget about the books I write, and then I’m on to the next book. I noticed it was on Amazon, actually for free on Kindle.

I’m thinking now that you can do books on Amazon, and print on demand, I’ve always had it published by companies. I’m revamping all my work, and I’m just gonna, because I’m in Costa Rica, I can’t ship anything. I don’t even really have an address or even know what my address is. It’s just 200 meters from Main Street. Turn right at the palm tree, and then you’ll be in heaven. Then God is there with Chardonnay. I’m actually kind of revamping a lot of my work, and I will put it on Amazon print on demand, and then people can get it that way, then they give you a portion, and it’s just the best way for me to go right now.

Palm Reading

<a href="">Image by freepik</a>

The Palm Reading Comedian

Jen: I put the link that I found. Hopefully, that link will work. There’s something very interesting that I think you need to explain to everyone, but especially to me: you are a palm reader. Yes? Are you a fortune teller? What is the official title of palm reading?

How it Started

Julie Kidd: Palm reading, so yeah, a palm reader. I started palm reading obsessed and studied for years. Originally I would only do palm readings on comedians, and there’s a lot on YouTube because the banter is so funny with the comedian. I even had someone’s dog kind of attack me. Anyway, just funny things go on. One time, I was doing a private reading in a place with Vicki Barbara Black, who was a finalist on America’s Got Talent, and then we got busted by the guards.
Weird things would happen and the comedians are so funny, then I opened it up to just reading everyone.

Costa Rica Readings

I do a lot of readings in Costa Rica, also if you just send me your hand, I can do a full-on reading. And it’s cheap. I always advertise on Facebook, Julie Kidd on Facebook. I’m doing it. I’m about to post for $24, get your reading within 24 hours. This sounds silly, but I’m obsessed with anything to do with my hands: piano, microphone, palm reading. Tap dancing is my feet. I’m positive in my previous life, and I didn’t have hands or feet because all my obsessions are hands and feet.

I love reading palms. If someone’s just talking to me, I can be like, “Oh yeah, serial killer, I got it.” It’s also fun. In the dating life, I’m looking at their palm. One thing is, the top main line is the heart. After that, under that is a head, and then this is your lifeline. If you just have one line, and that’s it, instead of a heart line and a headline, that’s called the Simian line, and you could be a serial killer, or you’re a super genius. I have someone close to me who has a simian line, but they’re just a genius, kind of genius, not a serial killer that I know of.

Serial Killer, Genius, or Both?

Jen: Right, but you know, a lot of serial killers are geniuses until they get caught. I mean

Julie Kidd: They are, they have it, it’s a certain kind of mindset but I can tell if someone’s a liar, I can tell if they’re intuitive, I can tell if they’ve saved someone’s life, I can tell if they’re in a relationship. I see so much, how creative their mental mind is thinking. It’s amazing and the lines change.

Jen: How does that work?

Lines Can Change

Julie Kidd: It’s similar to the lines on your face, they do kind of change, or they’ll get longer or lighter, depending on how you’re living your life. Typically, the left hand is how you were born into the world, and the right hand is how you’re living your life, they can change, and they can spread out.

If you’re not healthy, it’ll show on your hand. And then, when your health gets better, the little white on your nails will change. The lines will change where the health line is, they do change. Thank God. I tell people that I can’t just say, “Oh, you’re a serial killer, and you’re gonna die in the year.

Palm Readings Don’t Lie

Jen: Yeah, right, in the year.

Julie Kidd: You don’t drink a lot. I can tell if they drink a lot or they do drugs, like if they have an addiction.

Jen: Is this all from your studies and from looking at it physically, or are you somehow also spiritual? I know I’m not using the right words here. Your spirits?

Julie Kidd: I know what you mean. What did you say?

Jen: Magic, spirituality to it.

Energy is Everywhere

Julie Kidd: There is an energy. I was just telling my son this two days ago, I feel like I’ve been reading so much, that now I’m starting to kind of get energy from the palm. After I read when people send me their palm, I delete it. I don’t remember it, I wanted the next reading.

I’d read this woman in Costa Rica, and her palm was so incredible. I was like, I have to meet this woman. There was just so much on it. Everything I said was correct. She was amazed. We met and talked more about her hand. I do have a certain kind of Empath energy that goes along with it. After I read, I have to just go on to the next palm and just leave it behind.

Palm Reading Superstition

Jen: It’s funny, I have a superstition about palm reading, that I don’t necessarily believe. But when I was very young, my parents were born-again Christians, and they aren’t anymore. Anything like palm reading it’s very sinful and like a gateway to let evil into your life. Once, I was reading Interview with a Vampire, and my parents found it in my room. That was not a good scene and I started to believe it. I don’t believe in those things anymore, but I still have this little bit of a superstition. Like, I don’t want to mess with anything that has to do with fortune telling or anything like that because I don’t want to take the chance.

More Than You Know

Julie Kidd: There are so many tarot card readers out there. One who is phenomenal is Karen Rontowski, who’s also a comedian. She’s based in New York, and she’s part of my famous housewives

Jen: Medium palm reader?

Julie Kidd: Yeah, there are a few of us, I get it, it is kind of like evil. Sometimes, I’m embarrassed by it, but something about me has just been obsessed. I went to a party and there was a palm reader and this was 25-30 years ago, it was so intriguing how people were “Oh read my palm Oh, hi.”

Palm Reading Is Like Comedy

They want to get to know you and talk to you. I did like that aspect of it. But now people text me their palms. I don’t mention that I do that because people are like, “Read my palm, read my palm,” and it is something that I make money and charge for, and I will give a whole presentation on. This is so when you get your reading, you’re learning as well. People are ripping people off with Tarot card readings. You have to be careful on TikTok so, but it’s fun.

Jen: It’s a little like being a comedian, too. When people hear that you do comedy or you’re an actor or whatever, they’re like, “Tell me a joke. Do something,” right?

Oh, Your Friend Can Do That Too?

Julie Kidd: Yeah, it’s not like that. Do you know what people do? A lot of them go, “Oh, my friend at work is so funny. I’ll have them call you and maybe they could do comedy” That’s like saying, I can dance I got a groove on but you’re not going to be on Broadway.

Comedy takes years of training, and you don’t even get that you’re not even good for at least 10 years. You have in your brain that you’re funny, and you have this high status of yourself, so you keep going. After you’ve done it for decades, you look back, and you’re like, oh my god, what was I thinking? On the palm reading, it is weird now, these are all planets, Saturn Mercury, and Jupiter, it is aligned with the planet and I guess a little bit astrology. I love it, I can’t stop. It’s also an extra income. I’ve studied hard. I’ve put the work in over the decades.

Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Jen: I’m all about like making your way in this world financially scrapping together many things, I’m not going to do like the typical way, I don’t have a retirement account. That’s a downside of that.

Julie Kidd: I can tell if people are going to get an inheritance. I can tell if you’re a millionaire. I can tell if money’s coming. There’s so much to tell. Sometimes people will say, like this reading I did about a week ago, I said, “Did you almost die when you were young? And she’s like, “No,” and I go, “Maybe you don’t remember.” She was telling her dad about the reading and he’s like, “No, you were in a car accident at five years old. Remember with mom, and you almost died.” She called me and said, “Oh, my goodness.”

Sometimes, they don’t get it at first, and then they’ll think about it. That’s why I like to write it out. Go back and read it and it’ll come to you. I love doing it, I make a lot of friends, and that’s nice.

Changing The Future

Jen: Can people change their future, like if you see that they have a short lifeline or something, and you tell them that when they do something to change it?

Julie Kidd: You can tell if people are living their full life. You can tell if people are letting other people interfere. As I said, those lines change. I’ll look back at someone two years later and say your lifeline is thick. It was so thin and broken and close to your thumb, which means you’re more of an introvert. Then it will kind of spread out. Or they’ll pick up a huge passion like music or guitar, and I can see entertainment stage music. I can see that they’re very sexual or if they’re not so sexual. It’s all there. It’s all in the hands. Talk to the hand baby,

The Palm Tells All

Jen: They say that you can learn a lot about a person from their hands. I was dating you, and I would probably wear gloves, at least on the first few dates.

Julie Kidd: I was dating this guy that I met here, and I’m so pissed at myself that I didn’t take a picture of his palm, but I wanted to just get to know him. I didn’t want to read and be like, Oh my God, you’re, you’re this, you’re that. But if I see him again, I’m gonna see the picture. Now that I know and also why it didn’t work out, which, of course, I can’t get into. But I’m like, oh, I wonder what I could have seen. Yeah, but the truth will be told.

Where To Get In Touch

Jen: If you want to get a reading from Julie get in touch! Where can they find you on the Internet?

Julie Kidd: Well, I’m on IG Julie Kidd. Funny, Julie Kidd on Facebook. You’ll know it’s me because there’s comedy palm reading. But my email is Let me know if you want a reading. It’s worth the price. I can have it within 24 hours, I think that’d be fine.

Ouija Boards

Jen: We just had a comment come in that we have to quickly answer. After what I told you about my childhood, oh my god, I could go into a whole hour of talking about this. But we have a comment from Shelby saying “What’s your take on Ouija boards? Is there anything real about them? Are they just a toy?”

Julie Kidd: See, that seems a little satanic to me. I do think that our energy does move, and there are a lot of people who talk about putting your hands together. I think whatever you’re thinking, you’re manifesting, and that thought will push your energy towards that answer. It’s a little like you said,

Jen: We’re in woo-woo telling you it’s your energy that you don’t know about, the subconscious.

You Manifest What You Want

Julie Kidd: It’s a little bit scary, but I’m not that experienced in it. Even with the energy, I do think that people will talk to us from the other side. I do think people have guided us. I’ve had some incredible experiences from just having a dream of my dad, and I kind of think my son that passed away, he brought me here, so there is a certain energy. We are all energy. If you’re on that Ouija board, you’re gonna manifest that whatever that answer is you’re trying to get.

Jen: That’s very true. That’s a great answer. That makes me feel better because I get scared by these things. Yeah. It’s been so great talking to you. I know you have another book coming out soon, and we’ll have to talk about it when it does come out. If you want to get your palm read, get in touch with Julie

Funniest Housewives

Julie Kidd: Get your palm read and also look for The Funniest Housewives, which was the longest running all headliner female show, though Amazon’s gonna be bringing that book back up as well. I’m doing a documentary on women and female comedians in a very male-dominated industry. That’s right now in the process; all the filming is done. It’s just in the editing stage. I’ll be back to talk about that, hopefully.

Jen: Okay, and if you need a place to show it MomCave is on all kinds of Smart TV channels now.

Julie Kidd: Yeah, okay, good to know,

Jen: TV and all that so I’m always looking for good mom content. Okay. Bye because I hear a whiner in her bed who should be asleep.

Julie Kidd: A whiner is the one winner.

Jen: Thanks so much.

Julie Kidd: Okay, gracias.

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