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MOM GAMES is our weekly live series where YOU can participate. Watch for it live on Facebook and Instagram and laugh your own butt off at the video below. You are in for some fun! Jen and Dina Drew play Jen’s made-up game, “Mom Myths,” or, as some people call them, old wives’ tales.

Family “Fun”

Jen: And we’re live on all the places. Welcome to MOM GAMES. I had too much coffee and that’s a good thing. Um, Dina and I are gonna play some games tonight and you’re gonna play along in the comments, it’s interactive and you can win some awesome stuff. My phone is telling you that MomCave TV is live. Yes, phone, I know. I AM MomCave TV. See the devices don’t, they don’t know everything. Okay. Um, Dina how was your week?

Dina: Good. How was yours?

Jen: I just can’t wait to move back into my home.

Dina: I’m sorry.

Jen: I love my in-laws and they’re so nice to let us live with them while we have no place, while the house is being fixed. But, it’s a lot, it’s a lot to have little kids and 80-year-olds in the house. And you know, I’m always trying to keep everybody behaving. Both the 80-year-olds and the children.

Are these Old Wives Tales True? | Jen and Dina on MOMGAMES

Out of Control

Dina: I was gonna say, the 80-year-olds must be outta control.

Jen: Everybody’s out of control. Everybody’s annoyed with everybody. We love each other, but we’re like, ah, you know, and you know how grandparents love and spoil their kids? Well, when they live with their kids, I think a little of the shine the, the grandkids, like little shine wears off or whatever that expression is, ah, like, yeah. My rambunctious adorable daughter is rambunctious and annoying when it’s too often a rambunctiousness. Mom’s Timeout said I do need a timeout. I totally need a timeout.

Dina: Mm-hmm

Jen: Do you have your dog buddy, Jake there with you tonight?

Dina: Yes. He’s by my feet.

Jen: Hmm.

Dina: Yeah, my shadow’s with me. My, my crazy dog.

Jen: Your doggie?

Dina: Yes. He’s here. He’s here.

Fun Fans and Tech Troubles

Jen: Okay, so Hi, oh my gosh. Someone’s commenting and saying Dina is so pretty.

Dina: Oh, that’s very nice.

Jen: Did you pay that person?

Dina: No. Thanks, Carly.

Jen: Thanks, Carly. You’re her new best friend

Dina: But can I just tell you, Instagram is just annoying the crap outta me. Hold on. It just keeps kicking me off. Kicking me off. Kicking me off. So annoying.

Jen: Carly’s saying she’s used to Laurie and Kathy, who are we? We’re Jen and Dina from MomCave. I think we’re also live on the Reality Moms pages. Is that where you’re seeing us?

Dina: I know. Oh Yeah.

Jen: They work with Reality Moms. Hey Stephanie. Hey Melissa.

Dina: Oh, hi Bonnie. Hi everybody.

Jen: All right, our regulars. Okay. So, oh, I have to get our game set up. Hold on just two seconds.

Mom Myths

Dina: What are we playing tonight?

Jen: Okay. We’re gonna play a game I made up and it’s gonna be called Mom Myths and Old Wives Tales.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: Okay. So there’s gonna be like, I’m not gonna look at the answers. I’m gonna say one of the myths and then you and I are gonna say, if it’s true or false, and everybody watching is gonna say, if they’re true or false, and then we’re gonna read the answer. Okay?

Dina: Okay.

Jen: Cause you know how there are some things that like everybody, moms always say. Right?

Dina: Yes, yes.

Jen: And I think some of them are not, are not actually true.

Dina: I had a lot of myths before I had my children. I was like, can you still have a life? Can you still have a career? Can you still be human?

Jen: No, it’s not that kind of quiz.

Dina: Oh.

Jen: That’s more… We have to have some serious talks about that stuff.

Dina: And, Stephanie, we’re praying for your hubby.

Jen: We are.

Dina: I’m sorry.

Jen: Stephanie’s husband has COVID and we’re all thinking about him. Thinking about him and wanting this COVID to go away.

Chewing Gum Myth

Jen: Okay, Dina and everyone else. I’m gonna say an old wives’ tale. And you’re gonna say if it’s true or false. You guys play along in the comments and the first one is, and I wanna say where I got these, by the way, they’re all highly researched, but I got them from, if you know, there’s a very funny blogger called Mommy Shorts. And I just happened to come across this post. It could be in an old post, but, then I researched and made sure she was right.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: Is it true that it takes seven years for chewing gum to digest? What do y’all think? Cause we tell our kids not to swallow their gum. Right?

Dina: I had this conversation with Gio today about, yeah. I can’t take my glasses off anymore.

Jen: This exact conversation? How fortuitous.

Gum Dealers

boy with bubble gum on his face from a popped bubble looking dismayed. mom myth / old wives tale about swallowing gum

Dina: Well, cause he’s, he’s trying his he’s, he’s got a scheme going on with his friends. They’re gonna sell bubble gum at school for 50 cents on the playground. I’m like, I don’t think you’re supposed to be doing that. He’s like, well, no, Mom, then we’re not supposed to have gum at school. My friend has a good trick. He says I’ll just sneeze. He pretends to sneeze and then he can put the gum in the tissue. Right. So Gio is like, I just, I just swallow mine. Mom. I just swallow mine. I’m like, that’s not good.

Jen: This conversation could be about drugs. Do you realize? Now, it isn’t because Gio’s a little kid, but it’s like that. This is how they, like, pass drugs around.

Dina: He’s a, don’t give my 10-year-old ideas!

Jen: Your son is a chewing gum dealer.

Dina: Yes.

Jen: Yes. Okay. So a lot of people are answering false. Stephanie says true. Carly says false. Used to think it was true in the eighties. I got detention for chewing gum.

Dina: All right, time out a second. I have a question.

Jen: Yeah.

Sofa Detention

Dina: Do they give out detention anymore?

Jen: I don’t think that’s allowed. Like it’s too…

Dina: I have, none of my children have ever had it. Although I think they should.

Jen: I think it’s too hurtful to their souls.

Dina: Right? Answer in the comments. Have their children, in the past 10 years gotten detention?

Jen: Had detention? Like, is that still a thing? I think that…

Dina: I know suspension is. They suspend kids every five minutes in, in my schools, but they don’t do detention.

Jen: In my kid’s school, there is a long sofa along a wall, outside the office. And you get sent to that sofa if you misbehave in class and everyone walks by it. So like every teacher sees you, all your friends see you and you’re sitting on the sofa and that’s their version of detentions. Like everyone goes to the sofa, and both of my kids have been on the sofa.

Dina: Mm.

Hmm. Okay. So let’s go back.

Back to the Gum

Dina: What’s the deal? So is it, is it or no?

Jen: It is false. Chewing gum does not take seven years to digest. In fact, we don’t digest it at all. It’s indigestible. It just goes through you and comes out the other end.

Dina: Then does it get stuck to stuff?

Jen: I would think it would, but isn’t it good when things like you eat fiber, right? Cause it gets stuck to stuff and…

Dina: That’s different.

Jen: Well, the gum could act that way, but also… It’s probably not healthy. I wouldn’t swallow gum. Yep. You guys were right. Those of you that said false. You were totally right.

Dina: They’re on the money.

Jen: On the money. Okay. This is one that my mother still insists on and says all the time.

Dina: Okay.

MOM GAMES Debunks The Wet Hair Myth

Jen: My mom and my mother-in-law say it all the time. Going out in the cold when you have wet hair, does that make you sick?

Dina: No.

Jen: Can you get sick?

Dina: No.

Jen: No, no. What do you guys think? Tell us in the comments, can you get sick? Can you catch a cold? Because you went outside with wet hair, Barley saying no. Dina, do you allow your children to go outside in the freezing cold with wet hair?

Dina: Wet hair is the least of my problems. Neither one of my children wears a coat.

Jen: I’m like, at least they wash their hair. They’re nice and clean.

Dina: But I mean like, and if it’s above 50 degrees, my son wears shorts.

Jen: It’s a thing with boys and shorts. I don’t know.

Dina: But both kids it’ll be 22, 22 degrees and they will not wear a coat. Not even a sweatshirt.

Jen: It just… I don’t know what it is with kids.

Dina: I’m in a parka when it’s 60. I don’t understand.

Cold and Colds

Jen: So I think everybody watching is pretty smart because everybody is saying no and that’s false.

Jen: It is false. You’re not gonna catch a cold from going out with wet hair. You have to catch a cold. And so Mom, if you’re watching this. I was right all those years. Anne Marie says, she’s been leaving the house with wet hair for 30 years.

Dina: Stephanie says I was the same way. Even when I was in Chicago, Stephanie, you must have amazing insulation, good blood, or something.

Jen: I’m, Dina’s always cold. Look at you.

Dina: All cold. I’m always, I’m wearing a furry pajama set.

Jen: She’s always cold. And I’m starting, I think, the perimenopause because I’m always getting these crazy hot flashes.

Superfan Babs

Dina: Oh really? Babs is here.

Jen: Babs, what’s up?

Dina: Babs is here. Whoo!

Jen: Babs is here. Okay. We are playing MOM GAMES and you can win by playing along in the comments. And tonight what we’re doing is we’re going over myths. Mom myths, things moms say. We’re saying, “Are they true or false?” You guys are helping us decide. And then we see what’s right. So, so far we know that gum does not take seven years to digest. It just goes right through you. And going outside with wet hair has nothing to do with getting sick. Right? Carly says teens hate coats. I have two teen girls and they insist on wearing fleece sweatshirts. They hate coats.

Dina: I know. It’s like a ton of money on this stupid coat at the beginning of the year, she was like, oh, “I love it.”

Jen: It’s like, it’s uncool to wear a coat.

Dina: I think. Well, my, the excuse I’ve gotten is I never go to my locker. I don’t wanna walk around with a heavy coat.

Jen: So I don’t believe it. There’s gotta be another reason. Okay. So let’s look at our next mom myth, you guys.

Swimming and Cramps

Jen: Okay. Does swimming immediately after eating cause cramps and therefore it’s kind of dangerous. Do you have to wait? So does swimming? No. Does eating after, oh my Lord.

Dina: You can’t eat and then go swimming right away.

Jen: I can’t, I can’t think, I’m so tired. Okay. Babs is saying that it’s false. It’s false. Carly’s saying, everyone’s saying it’s false.

Dina: See, I thought this one was true, but I could see why I could see it could be false. I’m not, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s false.

Jen: Okay. Actually, it is false. Actual, there is no scientific evidence of any kind that you can get a cramp swimming after, immediately after eating.

Dina: Are you having a hard time putting thoughts together? What is going on with you?

Dumpster Fire

Jen: I’m really having trouble. Like my life is a dumpster right now. A dumpster fire, you guys. Oh, that’s funny. Yeah. Everything is just all willy nilly. Yeah. And so my brain is mush, but I’m having fun. Somebody says, are we doing Olympic-style laps? If not false. Right? I think if you had to like do a race, you would be in trouble.

Dina: Or if you are like going deep-sea diving or something.

Jen: Yeah, but if you’re just swimming, I think you will be fine. And if you need an excuse to keep your kids out of the pool, ’cause you just want them to stay out of the damn pool for 20 minutes, then just use it. I say.

Dina: I agree.

Jen: All right guys, continue playing along in the comments. Cause somebody’s gonna win a lot of little, a little present thing from me. I still can’t talk tonight, I’m so tired!

Jen: She’s laughing at me

Dina: You’re funny.

Knuckle Cracking

Jen: Okay. Does cracking your knuckles cause arthritis?

Dina: Ooh, no.

Jen: Hm. What do you guys think? Does cracking your, oh my God, Dina they shouldn’t allow me on the internet tonight.

Dina: Why?

Jen: Because I almost just said muscles instead of knuckles. I stopped myself.

Dina: I could, I could read these for you, but you didn’t send me the list. So

Jen: I know. I was very unprepared this week. I didn’t send her the list. Everybody’s saying false. No, pretty much. Except for Stephanie. Saying yes Carly says she knows it’s true. Oh, I thought it was true too. My husband says it to my son all the time. I should have asked my father-in-law before I left because he’s an orthopedic surgeon and he would know.

Burst Bubbles

But according to this, very, very good mommy blog source. It says that the pop of a cracked knuckle comes from bubbles bursting in the fluid, around your joints. And there’s no evidence that it is harmful.

Dina: Oh.

Jen: Hmm.

Dina: Air in the joints, Babs. Air in joints.

Jen: Babs, Are you a doctor, Babs? she knew air in the joints. Totally. Just bigger knuckles. I have heard that. It makes your knuckles bigger. Do you think it’s true?

Dina: No.

Jen: No. And we’ve got someone on Instagram. Mount lioness is just saying, “Drink more water.”

Dina: Huh.

Jen: When you drink more water, does that mean your joints don’t pop as much?

Dina: If you, it lubricates everything, drinking more water helps everything. Your skin, your stuff down there.

The No-Plumbing Pee

Jen: I’ll tell you what it down there. I have to pee constantly. So that doesn’t help at all.

Dina: Well that’s, that’s the one bad thing about it.

Jen: You know, we keep talking about how I’m all willy nilly and I, I said it earlier, but quickly. I’m not living in my house. Because a pipe burst and I am living with my in-laws and it’s all crazy. And I came over for this. I am at my actual house now. I came over to do MOM GAMES so I could have quiet. And I’m in the only room in the house that has electricity, but there is no plumbing currently in my house.

Dina: Oh, shoot.

Jen: And as Briniia is saying, water is life. There is no water in the house and I’m not gonna tell you what has happened. But right before we went on, I really had to pee.

Dina: So you reverted back to your college days, peeing in the woods?

Jen: Basically. But they’re my woods. Now I own these woods. I can pee in them all I want.

Dina: Melissa says, guess who I’m spending the weekend with in Orlando?

Jen: I wanna know, Melissa. Please tell us who are you spending the weekend with? Ashton Kutcher?

Dina: Maybe.

Jen: I think it’s gonna be a fun friend of ours. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Dina: Outside. So what’s another myth. Give me another myth.

The Reading Myth

Jen: I’m having too much fun reading the comments and let’s do another myth. Okay. Reading in poor light, worsens your eyesight?

Dina: That I’m gonna say yes.

Jen: Yeah, I think so. I really think so. And here you are wearing your glasses. Did you read a lot in poor light? Are you just getting old, like me?

Dina: I can’t read. I can’t see anymore, but it’s worse if it’s dark.

Jen: Oh, okay. Melissa answered. She’s seeing Annie and some other Piper Lou Who’s, who she’s never met. That should be fun.

Dina: Piper Lou Who’s


woman wearing a glasses, reading a book at arms length, wives need glasses as they get older

Jen: That’s that’s Annie’s group and they are very fun. Post some pictures. I’m in that group too. It’s fun. Okay. So my very important mommy blog source says that reading in poor light will not permanently affect you, but because your eyes are like any muscle in your body, they can get strained or tired. But wait, they’re not muscle. There are muscles around your eyes, but your eyes aren’t.

Dina: Yes. But those help your eyes focus. That’s why when you start to lose your sight when you’re older it causes the muscles to weaken and they get tired, you know your eyes get tired.

Jen: And you get, I, your eyes get kind of blurry when you’re tired.

Dina: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah. I had LASIK. It was one of the best things I ever did. Cause I wore glasses all the time. Okay. So I think you guys were pretty, a lot of you thought that was true. And so did we, you were all wrong on that one.

Shaving and Hair Growth

Jen: Hmm. Okay. Let’s choose one more. There’s a lot. So I’m scrolling through to see what’s a good one. There.

Dina: Any dirty ones?

Jen: No, that’s let’s do that for another show though. Okay. How about shaving makes hair grow back thicker?

Dina: No.

Jen: What do you guys think? What do you guys think? Does shaving make hair grow back thicker? Melissa had LASIK too. This whole show is kind of like my brain. We bounce around. Right? We’re talking about one thing. Then we go back and forth from another thing. Then we look at the comments. It’s also like when you’re talking to a friend and your kids are in the room and can you do that? Like a, a seasoned parent can have a conversation with another parent and like just keep doing asides to the kid. And it’s two conversations

Dina: Yeah. Yeah.

Jen: Totally.

Dina: Yeah. Okay. We do.

Jen: That. We’ve got mixed. Mixed on here. Yes. Some are. Yes. Some are no. What do you think Dina?

Dina: Hmm.

Jen: Does hair grow back thicker if you shave it?

Dina: No.

Jen: You are correct. It does not grow back thicker. What happens is it looks thicker because of the way that it’s cut. Right? So think about like a tiny, teeny, a hair that like goes to a tiny, teeny point. Looks thinner than a hair that’s like a blunt edge cut.

Dina: Okay.

Jen: And that, yeah, that is.

Hair In Weird Places

Dina: What I wanna know is why as you get older, does hair grow where you never had it before? And the places you need it to grow, it’s less.

Dina: Yeah. Hair in strange places.

Jen: Hair in strange places. I’m certain it’s hormones like everything else.

Dina: Oh, yeah. It beats the alternative, as my mother used to say.

Jen: Exactly.

Dina: You’re either here or you’re not.

Jen: Either you’re old or you die. So let’s just keep getting old.

Dina: Lower estrogen.

Jen: Oh Michelle, low estrogen. Thank you, Michelle. So, in general, I guess we get lower estrogen as we get older. I was just listening to a podcast about all this and I don’t understand it. I haven’t studied it enough.

Dina: Wait, that your hormones like change?

Jen: Yeah. Yeah. Like what, what hormones do what? My great-grandmother never shaved and her hair never grew thicker. Hmm.

Farewell to Eggs

Jen: Hmm. I don’t know.

Dina: Yeah. Yeah. Your hormones change. Cause your body changes. Cause it’s saying bye-bye eggs.

Jen: I know which my hormones. You really think I’m the dunce tonight. I know they change, I don’t know which ones go up and which ones go down.

Dina: Well, obviously estrogen goes down as you hit menopause.

Jen: I think I read that progesterone goes up.

Dina: Yeah. That’s why you get a beard.


Jen: Do you have a beard?

Dina: I have some hairs I have to shave and I shave them. I don’t wax them.

Jen: Ah, yeah. I don’t have any on my chin, but sometimes right here it gets a little too fuzzy for my taste.

Dina: I have ’em here and I always have them here.

Jen: Really?

Dina: Yeah, I’ve always had this little patch since I was in high school that grew here that I’d have to shave. Like, and they’re, they’re not dark. They’re just like.

Jen: Just like, why is there hair there? Yeah. Don’t wanna have hair there.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: I don’t know. I mean hair grows in really strange places. That’s all we have to say here.

Plucking Hairs

Jen: I know I I’ve had quite a week, but some… Carly is saying 46. Totally premenopausal. Yeah. I, I just turned 45 last week. I’ve forgotten again. Yeah. We’ve got mountain lioness says “I used to pluck my great grandma’s whiskers.” That’s true love.

Dina: Oh, that’s true love.

Jen: That’s kinda like does anybody here pluck their husband’s back hairs or ear hairs?

Dina: No.

Jen: I’m not saying I do.

Dina: I stay away from all of his hairs. All his hairs.

Jen: Your husband still has hairs on the head.

Dina: It’s getting thinner.

Jen: But he’s lucky he’s kept it, I think, a pretty long time.

Dina: Yes. For in comparison to other men his age. Yes. Oh yes.

The “Fun” Of Aging

Jen: Good for you.

Dina: The spare tire keeps getting bigger.

Jen: Right. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. It’s the same with us.

Dina: His snoring has increased. His snoring has gotten so bad.

Jen: Oh yeah.

Dina: So it’s like a freight train going through the bedroom. There are nights, like I can sometimes sleep through it, but there are nights sometimes. Like, especially when you have those like hard nights where you like wake up in the middle of the night with the hormones or your brain racing or whatever and he’s snoring so loud. I cannot fall back to sleep.

Jen: Yeah. I often leave the room.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah. My grandparents slept in separate rooms. They had their own bedrooms. And I remember thinking how weird that was. And now I really is kinda genius. They loved each other. They just, he snored a lot and they didn’t like to be in the same room at night.

Royals and The Gilded Age… Not an Old Wives Tale

Dina: Rich people used to do that, you know, they had, do you ever watch those like period things?

Jen: Well, yeah and royalty, but that’s so the king could like screw anybody he wanted.

Dina: Not even the king. I, I’ve been watching that Gilded Age. You know.

Jen: I love that stuff.

Dina: And then like, you know, the husband will be like, can I join you tonight?

Jen: Can I come to your room tonight?

Dina: May I visit you tonight?

Jen: I love it. I love it. That’s, I wanna live in that age, but still have the internet.

Dina: Hell no!

Jen: No.

Jen: Harley says she would love her own bedroom.

Dina: Genius.

Jen: Cool.

Exciting and Fun News

Jen: So after we’re done tonight, I’m gonna pick one of you and I’m gonna send you a prize for playing along with us on MOM GAMES, which we try to do every Wednesday night, but you know we’re moms. But before we go, I wanted to tell everybody a really cool announcement about MomCave. Do you know you’ve been following us on the computer and on the phone and on the iPad, but now you can watch MomCave on a hundred different smart TV platforms.

Jen: So you can watch us on Roku. And we have an Amazon fire app and we’re on the Apple store and all these things on. If you go to a app store on your TV, look for Binge Networks and go to that and you’ll see MomCave and Dina and I, and all of our silly videos we’ve been making over the years.

Dina: We’ve made a lot of crazy videos.

Jen: What is, what is your favorite video that we made with MomCave?

Jen: Yes, Carly, MomCave. Sorry.

Dina: Either Porn For Moms or you know, of course like all of the Slacker Mom videos were fun.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah. The Slacker Mom videos were a ton of fun, especially because the first time we produced those, we went away for a weekend and we got AirBnB and without our families, just the MomCave moms and we made videos all weekend and that was really fun.

Dina: It was super fun.

Porn for Moms

Jen: Yeah. Thank you, Babs. She’s saying we’ll be more famous. We’re not famous. I don’t want anyone to recognize me, but yeah. And then of course I agree with you. Our video Porn for Moms is one of the most fun videos we ever made.

Dina: That was fun.

Jen: It was, it was a great time. Thank you guys so much for watching. We’re going to do this again next Wednesday. Hopefully, we’ll get a little more sleep before then and I won’t be so nutty.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah. So we’re, we’re signing off. You got all your myths busted and now we know what we can and cannot actually tell our children and mom myths and old wives’ tales.

Dina: Yeah. We should ask for suggestions. What other games we can play.

Jen: Yeah. We’re running outta games.

Dina: Have we done “Truth or Dare”?

Jen: Yes, you weren’t there that week. I did “Truth or Dare” with a guest. We can do “Truth or Dare.” Thanks, Carly. Carly says it was fun. Brenea I keep saying your name wrong.

Dina: Brenea

Jen: Tell me how to say it phonetically. Okay. I’m gonna sign off now. You guys, this was a great time. I will see you next week. Bye.

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