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MomCave is all about authenticity. Meaning we’ll never bullsh*t you! Many blogs disguise their sponsored posts as “content.” See, they need to make a few bucks to keep the blog up and running but don’t want their readers to know. Not us.

YOU, our MomCavers, are the focus of So, we only share products with you that we love ourselves and that we think will make #momlife easier.

We made a new video featuring off beat gifts for the holidays and have some special discounts just for MomCavers. All the information is below the video.

Off Beat Gifts from MomCave

Our faves:

Squatty Potty

You may find a device to help you poop an odd gift. Trust me, it’s amazing. In the seven years I’ve been a parent, I’ve pooped alone exactly… never, I think. So anything to speed up the process is gold! In all seriousness, fancy-schmancy modern indoor plumbing fixtures aren’t what nature intended for our bums. Go over to Squatty Potty’s website to see a demonstration by their adorable pooping unicorn and understand why squatting is where it’s at. Special offer for MomCavers: A FREE Unicorn Gold Spray with purchase! 

Original People

You aren’t the average mom, driving a mini-van with stick figures on the back window. Nope, you’re a MomCaver! Make and send a personalized family decal at Original People.  Designing, downloading, and sharing the sticker is FREE! And it’s a great deal to get one printed up! Show off your fab family and each of their hobbies. Or send a gift card to a friend! Use the discount code  we set up just for you (momcave25) to get 25% off!

Fuego Box Hot Sauce

The best craft and small batch hot sauces delivered to your door. Choose a subscription or gift. $10 off your first box!

For even more holiday gift ideas, check out Slacker Mom’s Guide to Holiday Gifts.

Off Beat Holiday Gifts from MomCave


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