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New Year's Resolutions for Moms MomCave

I feel the pressure every day of the year… The pressure to eat healthily, spend quality time with both my kids and husband, achieve more in my career and keep my house spotless! As if endless to-do lists aren’t enough, we moms also somehow feel compelled to make New Year’s Resolutions. As we ring in the New Year, here’s a list of New Year’s resolutions only MOMS make!

New Year’s Resolutions for MOMS

Bathe at least half as often as my kids do.

-Elly Lonon,

Make myself a real meal instead of just eating my kids’ chewed on leftovers.

-Toni Hammer, Is it Bedtime Yet?

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Happy New Year!

This year, I promise to actually read a book to my son before he goes to bed rather than just giving him the iPad and go to town until 11pm at night.

This year, I will make real, healthy lunches for my son to take to school because I am starting to get embarrassed when he brings the Lunchables. Can’t have his teachers thinking I’m lazy.

This year, I will make an effort to schedule at least one play-date to meet my once-a-year play-date quota as a leader of a play-date.

This year, I will follow through on my punishments and not give in in order to avoid a full-on melt-down (except in public, and when I’m extremely tired).

                                       -Stephanie Faith Scott,

I resolve to limit my daily Starbucks intake to 2 ventis.

-Karen Anne, Apple Moms of the Hudson Valley

I resolve to read my own books at night and not just Dr. Seuss.

-Joy Hedding, Evil Joy Speaks

This year I will release the need to keep my house spotless! And when my family members complain the floors are dirty, I’m just going to hand them the mop and say “Do it your friggin’ self!” Especially my husband!

I resolve to drink more wine! Girl Scout Cookie Wine Pairings (with video!)It makes listening to the whining from the kids so much easier!

I resolve to not give a shit about school fundraisers! I don’t need any more candles, candy or wrapping paper! They will just get a check, and only if I’m in a good mood, which is rare!

Dina Drew,

I resolve not to resolve anything because I don’t have the resolve to keep the resolution. 

Jennifer Weedon Palazzo,

I resolve not to resolve anything because I don’t have the resolve to keep the resolutionClick To Tweet

I resolve to get all the soggy goldfish crackers out of the bottom of my purse, once and for all.

-Tiffani Greenway, My Mommy Vents

I’m going to become a certified yoga instructor in the spring. Starting Jan 1st, my goal is to do yoga once a week with the kids I’m hoping to set the example that healthy is beautiful no matter what size or shape you are.

-Bianca Jamottre, Real Mommy Confessions

I’ll keep up with the laundry.

-Gemarla Gaskin, The Mommy Elf

Put on makeup for school drop-off.

-Jenny Gill,

I’m joining the one-word resolution bandwagon and this year, my word is going to be, “write”

-Rina Mae Acosta, Finding Dutchland

Shower more than twice a week!

-Allaya Cooks-Campbell, Baby Droppings

Patience. To acquire patience.

-Alexandra Rosas

Declutter all of the toys & clothes they’ve accumulated this past year!

-Cheryl Kosinski, It’s a Jersey Thing

New Year's Resolutions for Moms MomCave

And here’s a little New Year’s Gift for you moms… enjoy some hot dads doing chores!


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