Fun Mama Video Series: POTTY MOUTH

Ellie from MomCave's new series Potty Mouth

Introducing the most hilarious, relatable, and intimate video series all about… potty talk. Mama Ellie gets real from her bathroom about all things potty in our new web series, “Potty Mouth.”

I love talking about bodily functions. It’s my favorite topic and I never get bored of it. When I’m with a new friend and I take the risk of bringing up something really gross, and they nod knowingly, confirming that it has also happened to them, I know we are bonded forever. 

I’ll go ahead and get lofty for a moment and say that these connections are very important. In this era of intense political division and borders and differences, we need to remember that we are all humans. We all poop. Poop is the great unifier! I know that poop and farts are such an easy comedic target, totally immature and lowbrow, but if we could just remember that the Queen of England, the Dalai Lama, stockbrokers, farmers, astronauts, prostitutes, prison inmates, religious figures, and The Kardashians all take dumps, maybe we would remember how similar we are and stop thinking of certain people as “other”. 

We all share this planet, and it’s a planet of poopers. 

Intro to Potty Mouth MomCave Ellie

Now let’s add the parenting layer onto this. If you become a parent, you not only keep track of your own bodily functions, but the bodily functions of others. I know exactly when my son last pooped, and I have been subconsciously logging this info for the five years that he has been alive. Double that if you have two kids, and allow your mind to explode imagining what it must be like for Octomom. So. Much. Poop. 

So that’s what I’ll be talking about here at Potty Mouth. Not just poop, but all things toilet-related. It’s an endless fountain of material, and it’s funny. I am reminded of this daily as my Kindergartener runs around shouting “Poopy butt and peepee pants” and laughing hysterically. There’s a five-year-old inside all of us, right? So join me in the bathroom. Don’t worry, I have air freshener.

Welcome to POTTY MOUTH.. brought to you from Ellie’s bathroom

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