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YouTube Mommy Scenario Tag Video MomCaveTV Jen and child

Remember Slam Books from junior high? The YouTube Mommy Scenario Tag is a high tech version. Jen discovered YouTuber MsDiaperD’s Mommy Scenario Tag and here is her response.

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YouTube Mommy Scenario Tag

Here are the Questions for this Mommy Scenario Tag Video:

1. Your kid is refusing to eat dinner, do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made? Or make something else?
2. Your kid has a melt-down at the store, nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time, or grit your teeth and finish shopping?
3. Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday, do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?
4. Your kid is protesting sleep, do you give in at 3am, get them up & turn on a movie? Or continue to rock them, nurse, etc to try to get them back to sleep?
5. You have an appointment and no babysitter- do you bring them with you or reschedule?
6. You have 20 minutes until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy house, or just figure- “hey, it’s okay. I’ve got kids!”
7. You’re running late & only have time to do your hair or makeup- which do you choose?
8. You’re at the park and another child pushes yours, do you intervene and correct them- or go find the child’s parent?


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