Funny Breastfeeding Video | Breastfeeding Woes As Told By MEN

Breastfeeding Woes As Told By Men MomCave

We’ve got a NEW funny breastfeeding video…

It’s World Breastfeeding Week AND Breastfeeding Awareness Month. What better time to release an all new episode of Double Leche, our web series about the awkward and funny moments in breastfeeding?

What would it be like if DUDES nursed the babies? In an oddly touching video produced by MomCave, four very different guys recount breastfeeding stories by real moms.

NEW Funny Breastfeeding Video

Stay tuned for a special “Behind the Scenes” video next week.

And some surprise dude guests on this week’s episode of MomCave LIVE!

Behind the Scenes Stills

funny breastfeeding video double lechefunny breastfeeding video double leche on momcavetv



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