Never Wake a Sleeping Baby! (Even for hot firemen…) SLUMMY MUMMY Episode 6

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There’s an old adage, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” The baby version is “NEVER wake a sleeping baby.” In the next episode of our award-winning web series, Slummy Mummy, I wrote about the first time my son slept through the night.

Apartment living has it’s upside and downsides. And one major downside is that you are always at the mercy of your neighbors. We had some… eccentric ones.

If you haven’t seen the first five episodes of Slummy Mummy, you can catch them here. *Fun fact: One of the firemen in the episode is played by Dina’s husband. Can you guess which??*

Never Wake a Sleeping Baby (Even for Hot Firemen!) Slummy Mummy Episode 6

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