My Mother-in-Law Said the Weirdest Thing

No relationship is quite as special as the one you’ll have with your…. mother-in-law. It’s a relationship that is bound to be fraught with complications. After all, her boy is now your man. Your kids are now her precious, long-awaited grandchildren. And your home, well, it’s not hers.

No matter how well you and your husband’s mom get along, some sticky (and humorous) situations will arise. We asked some of our MomCavers what the weirdest thing their mothers-in-law ever said to them. It’s no surprise a few of them chose to remain anonymous.

Weird Stuff My Mother-in-Law Said

♦”I’m not speaking to you because my son is mad at you.” The next day she went to Target to buy me nursing bras. -Anonymous in NYC

♦I was doing Tae Bo and she told me, “If you keep doing that, you’re going to look like a man.” -Anonymous in NYC

♦She asked me whether or not I had a Brazillian wax while we were all having dinner at a Michelin star restaurant…..Apparently, they all wanted to know if Americans went bare down there. -Anonymous Overseas

♦She asked me, on father’s day, what my father (who had been dead for 7 years) was doing that day. I’d been with my husband for 6 years at that point, so it was pretty horrifying. -Anonymous

♦My mother-in-law doesn’t understand or like pets. When I moved in with my now husband and she met my cat, she said, “maybe when this one dies you won’t get another one.” -Jen Simon, writer.

♦My MIL told me, “You are not right in the head.” And then denied ever saying it. -Anonymous

♦My mother-in-law said, “Do you want to be on welfare like all your people?” and then asked if I was on drugs when I flipped her off. -Iola

♦When I was pregnant with my first child, the first thing my MIL asked was whether we were planning to circumcise him. -Jennifer

♦I posted a photo of my baby (who admittedly looks a lot more like my husband) and wrote, “I think she actually looks like me in this photo”. My MIL publicly replied “nope I don’t see it” -Anonymous

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