Mommy Tummy… Mummy Tummy… Moms ARE Beautiful!

mommy tummy mummy tummy mom body image body after baby

Mommy Tummy, mummy tummy, mom jeans… words that have inspired dread in the hearts of many a procreating woman.  Once my body had expanded to grow an entire human and subsequently expelled that human, I wasted valuable baby-sleeping time Googling the phrases “how to lose your mummy tummy,” “how to avoid mommy tummy,” and “how the f-%3k do Victoria Secret models get back into shape postpartum?”mommy tummy mummy tummy mom body image body after baby After a few months, I accepted that my body, specifically my abdomen,  would never be the same. Here at MomCave, we think moms’ bodies are beautiful. Before, during, AND after pregnancy. We should celebrate that as a badge of honor. Our bodies did something magical. We grew a human!! We kept it in there for months at a time!

To celebrate the beauty of motherhood, in all it’s shapes and sizes, we asked our viewers to send us photos of their mommy tummies. We compiled a video of mom bellies of all ages, ethnicities, and sizes.  MomCave Presents…. The Mummy Tummy!

MomCave Celebrates the Mummy Tummy… Mommy Tummy!

Thanks to the following proud mamas: (in no particular order) Harmony Hobbs–Modern Mommy Madness Nicole Yniguez-Mommy Tips By Cole Danielle- MamaLilLadies- Robyn Passante-Holding the Strings Sidney–Teenage Mommy Jo-Anne Reynolds Katy-PoopEatSleep Emily Van Do–Mama Never Told Me Blog Dina Drew Jaleesa Graham-Model Monet  Shirleyann Rafaela Cameron Jennifer Weedon PalazzoMomCave Lisa Kramer Sarah Lawson– Angela-Akward Mommy Sunny Gault-New Mommy Media Tammy-MsPrettyMum Atasha-5 Baskets of Laundry Angel-Making Baby Taylor Angela-Angela’s Happy Family Elizabeth Sweeny- Mission Glow Susie-Super Susie Homemaker Stephanie-VeegMama


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  • I don’t think it is ever possible to look the Victoria Secrets models post babies unless you have a personal trainer and time to train 4 hours a day.


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