Mummy Pig: A Day in the Life

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Peppa Pig, love her or hate her; the obnoxious little darling has wormed her way into the lives of pretty much every single baby, toddler, and preschooler the world over. And while the main character may have plenty of tales to tell, the unsung hero is undoubtedly Peppa Pig’s mom, Mummy Pig. (Aside from Miss Rabbit, who single-handedly seems to hold down every job in town, something most overworked modern-day moms can most definitely relate to.)

But Mummy Pig, of the orange dress and magnificent eyelashes fame, who works from home while raising her spoilt offspring, seems to have mastered the art of “having it all.” If Peppa Pig’s house was in the real world, would she be holding it together, or would she be uber relatable, melting down, and frazzled like the rest of us?

Is Peppa Pig’s Mom for Real?

With working from home and doing all of the cooking and cleaning, there is little doubt that a real-life Peppa Pigs’ mom would need an outlet to let off steam. Be it via her Facebook page, TikTok, or in a WhatsApp group with Miss Rabbit, Suzie’s Mom, and Auntie Pig. After all, with Daddy Pig at work and little George only wanting to roar at dinosaurs, a woman needs some way to stay sane!

If this was real life, we would expect a strong mum like this to have the support of her village.

Mummy Pig and Cooking With Children

Mommy Pig loves cooking and flipping pancakes. Peppa and George love to “help” cook and flip pancakes too. And all of this takes place without fuss or raised voices. Oh, the dream!

In reality, when flipping pancakes with kids, the pancakes won’t be the only thing flipping. Mom is flipping out at the mess and internally flipping the bird at her naughty kids.

While every mom wants to imagine that cooking with their family is a joyful bonding experience, it typically isn’t. There is a mess; you need eyes in the back of your head, voices get raised, and that’s before you realize that no one wants to eat what you have just made. Is Mummy Pig always as calm and serene as she appears, or is she merely biting her tongue to set an excellent example for her kids? Who knows, but for a family who eats pancakes so often, you can bet they are definitely compensating for something with food. They are PIGS after all.

Soldiering On

It’s been said that since Mummy Pig is the most mature of the parents in Peppa Pig’s house (or is it a sty?) , she is the one likely to make a minimal fuss. After all, Peppa seems to be the one creating the drama, so it’s doubtful Mummy Pig gets the chance to let loose much on her own. But is this a subliminal message to all mums that we should shoulder the burden of parenthood with a smile on our faces while internally screaming?

Who knows? While Peppa Pig’s mom seems to thrive on being the mature grown-up and parent to her enthusiastic little ones, her ability to cook (there is no DoorDash in sight), frequently exercise, and work from home (what exactly is it she does?!), all moms should take comfort in the fact that this is only a silly kids’ TV show and in real life, Mummy Pig would be whipping Daddy Pig into shape and letting him take step up once in a while, putting her feet up and ordering pizza while she has a well-deserved break from the kitchen. Don’t you agree?

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