A Mother’s Bond…. Motherhood as Muscle Memory on Blabbermom

A mother's bond Blabbermom Naomi

For the first time, we get serious. In this brand-new episode of Blabbermom, we interview Naomi, mom of two boys, as she talks about muscle memory and a mother’s bond.

Though her boys are no longer babies, both she and the boys remember what it felt like in those early months. The newborn stage is an all encompassing, full body bonding experience a mother never forgets.

Does your older child still do something the exact same way they did at as a newborn? My four years still sucks the same two upside down fingers. My mom says I still stretch in bed the same way I did as a newborn.

A mother's bond Blabbermom Naomi


A Mother’s Bond… Motherhood as Muscle Memory


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