Most Stressful Events In Life

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It’s funny how life works. In high school, we believe that the most stressful events in life include getting dressed for school or a football game, talking to your new crush, and deciding if you want to go to the mall with your closest friends or to a movie with the “cool crowd.” Don’t we all wish that list still made up our most stressful events in life?! Our adrenal levels and stress hormones would be ideal and I’m pretty sure that my doctor would be in awe of my blood work at my yearly appointments. I know that all of the parents on here are probably thinking the same.

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When we get into college, our worries and priorities shift, and this trend of change and adaptations continues to change as we age. When we hit parenthood, however, our perspective changes from a “gosh, this is so stressful,” to an “am I really going to make it through this stage in motherhood without dying?” If you are in that stage, just know that you WILL make it through…even if you look like a zombie at the end of it. Don’t worry, though – you are in good company.

In motherhood, we go through many stressful events back to back to back, and today, I want to talk about a few of life’s most stressful events as parents and how we can thrive in the midst of them.

Going #2 After Birth – A Seriously Stressful Event

I’m sorry to break you in quickly at the beginning of this list, but real talk: pooping after giving birth has the potential to be traumatizing. Pushing out a baby, having contractions, or going in for a C-section, are all non-issues to a lot of people (especially second-and third-time moms). But pooping? Most are scared of it, no matter how many times you’ve been there in the past. It’s the unknown, I think. Is it going to pop a stitch? When is it going to happen? How long is it going to take? Trust me on this one. Just relax. The more you relax, the easier it will be. The same goes for birth, too. Just take a chill pill (literally or figuratively – take that however you see it) and just let it happen.

Getting a new pet

Speaking of birth, when we get a new pet, especially a new dog, it can feel the same as it did when you came home from the hospital with a new bundle in your hands. Lack of sleep? Check! Making it through new milestones and teaching new skills? Check! Eventually potty training? Check, check, and more checks. If you made it through the first couple of years as a parent, you have experience under your belt, but that doesn’t make it any easier. While exciting, I would definitely rank getting a new pet in with some of life’s most stressful events.

Divorce Is A Stressful Event…

Most of us try our hardest to have the “perfect” relationship for the sake of ourselves and most importantly, our kids. But, if there’s anything that I’ve learned over the years, there is no such thing as perfect – in any scenario. Divorce is one of the most stressful life events that you could ever go through, but with anything else in life, you will get through it. Once you do, I bet you will feel very relieved. One thing to remember is that you are more than likely going through this to become a happier and better person for yourself and for your kid(s). That is very important!

Followed By Dating Someone New

Dating again after having a kid? That throws you for a loop and you probably have no idea how to act or what to say when you are on that first date. I have no advice for this one, other than to tell you that you will make it through those first couple of painful dates.


The other day, I read a study that was conducted by OnePoll. They asked 1,000 Americans and 45% of those individuals said that moving is by far the most stressful event in life. I mean, packing boxes, pushing and pulling heavy furniture, and don’t even get me started on steps. Most of us just don’t want to do it and honestly, how does anyone have the time for it? The good news? You don’t have to do it alone.

We COULD move ourselves to save money, but are we professionals at it? Do we really want to lug around a huge washer and dryer, or safe? Not me! I don’t know many others that actually enjoy moving. In my area, Fresh Start – The Moving Crew is a moving company that has insanely amazing reviews.

Death Is The Ultimate Stressful Event

There is no easy way to get through the death of a close family member or friend, but there are coping methods that help and unfortunately, you just have to go through the grief process. Recovering after someone close to you dies is a process and it looks different for everyone.

As a parent, we go through many hard and stressful life events. We have to learn how to roll with the punches, accept the process of getting through these events, and laugh along the way (when possible). If you have been through some of these stressful events, how did you get through them? 


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