Most Embarrassing Breastfeeding Moments

embarrassing breastfeeding moments

As a mom, you need three things: you have to develop a thick skin, roll with the punches, and have a sense of humor. Breastfeeding will help you develop all of these traits quickly. At least it did for me, as a result of my most embarrassing breastfeeding moments

Breastfeeding may be the natural way to feed your baby but it also presents lots of opportunities to shed your modesty. I did just that pretty quickly. My motto became, “have breast, will feed my baby any time, any place.” With an attitude like that, there were bound to be times that the girls made an appearance uninvited.

Embarrassing Breastfeeding Moment #1 – “Excuse me, I didn’t ask for milk in my coffee.”

My first embarrassing moment happened pretty early in my breastfeeding game. When my baby was a month old, I met a friend for lunch at a restaurant. I thought I was a very clever mom because I planned to feed baby Nicholas before my food came. That way, he would be full and happy. He had a different plan.

My cobb salad arrived, and as soon as I picked up my fork, he started fussing. No problem, I thought, I can eat and breastfeed at the same time. So I latched him on and did just that. He sucked long enough to make my milk let down, and then he pulled away. The result was that my milk shot across the table right into my friend’s water glass. The only reason I didn’t crawl under the table is that she was a mom too. She told me she was jealous that I had so much milk.

Embarrassing Breastfeeding Moment #2 – “My shirt is supposed to look like that.” 

When baby Nicholas was 6 weeks old, we were at a sporting event, and I ran into a co-worker. I was wearing Nicholas in a front carrier. I took him out so my co-worker could admire him. My husband and I decided he would wear the carrier for a while. I took it off, and my shirt was soaked with milk. “You know, on second thought, I’ll keep wearing him in the front carrier.” How’s that for quick thinking?

Embarrassing Breastfeeding Moment #3 – “Nursing bras have hooks for a reason.”

I was four months into the breastfeeding thing when I went out shopping with my mother. We were in a little boutique, and I wanted to try on a dress. The saleswoman came in with me to help me zip it up. I took off my shirt and looked down and realized I had forgotten to hook my bra after my last feeding. I stated that obvious fact as I turned 3 shades of red.

embarrassing breastfeeding moments

Embarrassing Breastfeeding Moment #4 –“Wet shirt moment – The Sequel.”

I went back to work as a labor and delivery nurse when my little guy was five months old. I leaked a lot and one night at work I didn’t get a chance to pump when I needed to. I stood next to the mom who was giving birth and for the life of me couldn’t understand why the doctor kept looking at me with this odd expression. It wasn’t until the end of my shift that I went to take off my scrub top and saw two dark wet spots where I had leaked through my bra pads. That doctor and I never could make eye contact after that.

Guest Post by: Andrea Tran is an RN and lactation consultant who has been working with moms and babies for over 35 years. She writes all about  breastfeeding at Breastfeeding Confidential.

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