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It may only be July but it’s never too early to start thinking about school starting again. In fact, I started thinking about it on the first day of summer. 😉  And our school literally sent home our supply list a few days after school ended. Like hope at the end of the tunnel of a loooong summer.

Whether you received your school supply list or not, Momtrends is helping us all be prepared with their annual Back to School event held at Dakota Studios in NYC.

As always, a large crowd of mommy bloggers were super excited to check out the products of the many vendors showing off their fun, yummy and fashionable products.

Momtrends back to school

The main event was a fun lunch box challenge. We all received a lovely 12Little lunch box with our choice of adorable iron-on patches. We then filled the box with all the vendor goodies and then took a final picture at the picture station.

Here are some of the fun items vendors were showing and sharing off.

12Little makes back to school cool with their stylish backpacks and lunch boxes. They were super cute and my daughter totally approved. They come complete with cute iron-ons. Here is my creation that I filled with lots of cool back to school items.

Ozery Bakery provided an amazing spread all made on their breads made of hearty whole grains, fruits, and seeds. All are free of artificial flavors and colors, preservatives, additives and GMOs! Bonus!


Kite Hill Foods products are yummy and good for you. I sampled their strawberry banana yogurt.

All their products are dairy, soy, gluten and GMO – FREE and taste great. Yum!


Name Bubbles I don’t know about your kids but mine winds up searching through the lost and found bin for their lost things. If only everything had name labels. Well lose no more. Name Bubbles makes labels to put on anything.

Healthy snacks can be fun! Raisels taste like candy (no really) but with 100% your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C with these tangy raisins. I love me some Raisels! While we are on the subject of healthy snacks Luv2Nosh makes great, healthy, organic snacks for kids – all in snack size portions. If you love kid’s clothes, you will love these French fashions from Orchestra. Check out how cute these are. This was my favorite…

When I was a kid, school items were pretty basic and blah! Well, the selection at Staples is so cool, I wish I was a kid again. No really! From emoji’s to fuzzy pencil cases. Yes please!

All-in-all, I had a great time and now I actually look forward to school starting again (but don’t tell my kids that)! Thanks to all the vendors for filling my lunch box and making back to school fun! Oh and here’s a picture of my final lunchbox and one of me at the Raisels’ photo station.


Joelene Wolfe

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