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Being excluded from things sucks.

Being the last one to get picked for a team as a kid.

Being the only one who didn’t get invited to the prom.

Being ignored in the lunch room by your former besties.

At least when you were a kid, you would only hear about it through the grapevine.

Well, now thanks to modern technology we only need to open Facebook or Instagram and scroll up our feed to see the evidence of a social slight.

The perfectly filtered pictures of an event you should have been invited to, or worse, that your kid should have been asked to attend.

Yes, kids do grow apart, but it stings to see formerly close friends not including you and your child.

What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with my kid? What’s wrong with us that we were excluded?

And worse yet, WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT? Do you –

A. Sit and stew. Cry over your morning coffee and unfollow the jerk.

B. Smile and pretend like nothing happened, but return the favor by excluding them in the future.

C. Confront them in the most public place possible so everyone knows what a two-faced jerk they are.

D. ALL of the above??

I honestly really don’t know what the best answer is here.

This isn’t THAT type of article.

I’ll let you make that decision for yourself, but if you are anything like my passive aggressive tush you’ll choose A and obsess over it until the kids are in college.

But what if you could do C! What if you could call that bitch out?

Of course, there is the flip side to all of this.

What if there is a close friend whose kid just doesn’t jive with yours anymore?

Kids change. Do you force them to invite a friend to their party because there is some history there?

But what if you really must keep the numbers small? (some of those party places can be SO EXPENSIVE)!

Your child is older now and likes to choose who they hang out with.


A. Tell the former friend there is a party, but their child isn’t invited? AWKWARD!

B. Don’t say anything and beg everyone who is invited NOT to post on social media. AWKWARD!

C. Carry on like it’s no big deal, post to your heart’s content on social media because, after all, it IS your kid’s birthday and screw the consequences.

(If you have any tact at all, this is still AWKWARD!)

Well, we ladies at have found some other ladies that are as AWKWARD as we are!

Mom Content Creator Spotlight – Breeding Grounds

Filmmaker Susan Skoog, and her team have created the web series, Breeding Grounds. In a world of bake sales and playdates, some women go to war, one passive aggressive slight at a time. Check out the clip below – it explores this very topic and gives a unique perspective from both sides.

There are so many talented mom creators who are doing some amazing content and we are extremely honored to be sharing Skoog’s digital series on the MomCaveTV platform.

Susan Skoog wrote, produced, and directed the feature film Whatever, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival was released theatrically by Sony Pictures Classics in 1998. Susan has written screenplays for Warner Brothers, HBO and MTV Films among others, working with such esteemed producers as John Wells (ER, The West Wing, August: Osage County), and Ron Yerxa and Albert Berger (Cold Mountain, Election, Little Miss Sunshine).

Susan has also enjoyed a successful career as a writer, director, and producer of numerous documentary and magazine programs for such networks as VH1, Turner Network Television, Turner Classic Movies, AMC, FX, MTV, CBS, Fuse, Rave HD, TBS, Tru TV/Court TV and PBS.

Her digital series, Breeding Grounds, in which she writes, directs, and produces, participated in the 2016 IFP Screen Forward Lab, and the pilot What Martha Said is currently screening a film festivals across the country including SeriesFest in Denver.

Her work is the first we are highlighting in our Mom Content Creator Spotlight. We have many other creators to share with you and look forward to introducing them to you!

Moms on Social Media

Moms on Social Media

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