Real Moms During COVID- 19 Lockdown Parody

Are you missing your mom friends as much as we are? I love my family but we’ve had enough togetherness for a while! I never realized that the endless errands and running around of kids–driving them to and from school and school events, scouts, dance classes, and sports practices–were actually giving me some much-needed socialization with other parents.

Some of the funniest moms online joined us to create this parody video of neighborhood moms during lockdown.

Spear-headed by Joey Fortman of Reality Moms (thanks for editing, Joey!), the video includes US (Jen and Dina from MomCave) along with Meredith Masony from That’s Inappropriate, Dena Blizzard from One Funny Mother, Hollie from Baby Gizmo, Anonymous Lola from Live by Surprise and Kathy from Unfiltered Kathy.

We’ve all been doing our best to keep in touch via text chains, Zoom parties, Facebook, Instagram, and Tik-Tok. But it just isn’t the same. We made this video to feel more connected and it worked! We hope you are finding little moments of joy during this tough time and connecting with your friends any way you can.


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