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Women are incredible human beings. We give life, nurture, and keep our families safe.  We are the go-to and Superwoman all wrapped in one.

So, that is my mantra.  That is what I keep telling myself at this dreaded time of year.  Summer and the infamous bathing suit shopping.

I decide to venture out last week, feeling good about myself.  I lost 5 pounds and felt my inner-tube had gone down somewhat.  Those of you who have given birth, totally understand what I am talking about.  LOL.  That area that no matter how much exercise you do, NEVER goes away and especially if you had a C-Section.

I proceed to a certain store – Marshall’s- excited and nervous at the same time.  I go to the racks and find so many suits that I think will flatter my figure.  I am a size 10 and feel confident in that size.  I know I will never be PETITE by any means.  I think at 12 I was petite.

I begin to undress in the fitting room.  First off, who the hell invented these freakin mirrors?  I Don’t look like this at home!  Or do I?  The first suit goes on and it immediately sets the precedent.

Anyone say “stuffed sausage?”  Are these sized right?  The sweat begins to appear on my forehead.  Mind you, I have 10 suits to try on.  The next one is okay, but I feel like I look like my mother, who is 78.  It was a tankini with a skirt.  LOL.  What the hell was I thinking?

After trying on all 10 suits, I came to the realization that I will NEVER look like those perfect swimsuit models.  They are genetically abnormal.  I have to let go and just love my body.

I did leave the store with one suit that looked decent on me and was a fabulous color – blue. I get home and decide to put the suit on to show my husband and boys.

Mind you, my 2 boys are very honest.  My oldest is on the spectrum and has no filter.  You ask for an honest opinion and you get it!  They all say I look really good in it and tell me I look young.

Come to find out, my husband paid them each 20 bucks to say that.  He didn’t want to have to hold or console me when I got home.  This is what I live with!!

Kathy Chlan

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