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Mommy Tips by Cole MomCave Live

Mommy Tips by Cole aka Nicole was our guest this week on MomCave LIVE. She’s a bit of a YouTube Phenomenon–with over 15,000 subscribers. She vlogs about her life as a mom of three in New Jersey, gives tips, and reviews products. Jen, Stephanie, and Valisa talked with Nicole about parenting in the age of YouTube.

Do you let your kid watch YouTube? What do they watch? How would you feel about your kid appearing in a YouTube video? AND we have a giveaway of a gift basket from Weleda! Enter below.

Mommy Tips by Cole on MomCave Live and Weleda Giveaway

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  • Katie @ Cup of Tea Blog – Durham, NC – I blog at Cup of Tea {} but you can also follow me on Instagram @ktcupoftea
    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    The hangouts are always such fun to watch! So glad you all do them 🙂

  • slj1980

    Our boys watch videos on youtube all the time. Usually it is how to build things with lego and walkthroughs on the games they have for the 3ds. I’m not sure about letting them appear in a video though.

  • My kids watch you tube all the time. In this day and age with creeps out there I don’t know if I would allow them to post videos

  • My kids watch tutorials on you tube all the time but I make sure I know exactly what they are watching. I probably would let them appear on a video if they had their own informative channel with my supervision but who knows?


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