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It’s summer and while the kids are off at summer camp, you can lounge in the backyard with a good book and a cocktail…. NOT. Maybe summer camp isn’t an option for your family because money is tight. Maybe you spent all of your money on shoes… (No. I Did NOT.)

If you’re like my family and your kids are home with you full-time this summer, you too may be panicking about what to do with them during those long summer days. (I’d say lazy summer days, but you’re a parent, so you don’t get the luxury of being lazy.) I also work from home, so summer is a special challenge. I can’t afford to hire help. And I can’t sit them in front of devices for all the hours I need to work. So…

I’ve convinced my kids that we are going to have a great time doing “Mommy Camp”–where I will plan fun activities all summer long.

It’s not easy to find activities that the kids will love but YOU won’t find tedious. Even more difficult is finding activities that in some way enrich their education and development.

When MEL Chemistry contacted me about trying out their subscription science boxes for a sponsored video, I immediately thought that would be a perfect “Mommy Camp” activity! Check out the video I made below showing MEL Chemistry and two other great ideas for your own homemade summer camp!

The video associated with this post was sponsored by MEL Science but all opinions and ideas for mommy camp are my own, mamas.

“Mommy Camp” Activities Video

Want to win a subscription to MEL Chemistry? Comment on the video with your favorite “Mommy Camp” tip! And if you want to buy your OWN awesome science subscription, use our coupon code “MommyCamp”for 25% off your first subscription month!

Need more ideas for Mommy Summer Camp at Home?

Here are some activities that keep my kids busy and ME sane.

Slipping and Sliding…

You can build your own slip and slide if you are handy that way. Or get one of these awesome contraptions. I will warn you if you decide to give it a try yourself, that it’s waaaaay harder on a grown-up body than a kids’ body!

Water and Sand Play

Especially for the younger set, these will keep them busy for a good stretch of time!

It’s Snow Cone Time!

Make your Own Ice Cream

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For more fun ideas, check out my friend’s post about Summer Camp At Home: Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy While You Work!


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