Sad that Summer is Over?… Momma’s Having A Dance Party! | Guest Post by Unfiltered Mom

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With the summer ending – yes I said it out loud – moms around the world are getting a little anxious.  Some are really upset about it because they will be giving up some freedom.

Gone are the mornings where you laid in bed snuggling with no timetable or the nights when you sat on your front porch and watched the street lights come on.  Dinner was grilling in the backyard or going out.  Sometimes, you even ate past your regular dinnertime.  Who would have thought?

Well, I say , “Get a grip”.  This is the time of year when there will be some peace and quiet at home for a few hours.  You can take a breath a moment for yourself.  It is not like the kids will be suffering.  They will be back with their friends!

This is the time of year where it is chaotic at first, but after a few weeks, you realize you have the routine back.


To working moms, this is when you are not scrambling for babysitters all day.  You know where your children are.  And maybe some of the guilt will diminish because they are learning.  A lot of my friends work outside the home, and this time of year they love because they feel they are not missing out.  I mean, it’s the law to go to school!

To stay-at-home moms, this is when you can do the laundry without a kid hanging on your leg, or breaking up fights!   Going food shopping by myself was like going on vacation.  It was an absolute joy! Let’s face it by the end of the summer, they can’t stand each other.  

So I say we put on our dancing shoes!  Let’s dance in the streets and have a party!  I will bring  the wine!  And maybe they should do a parade in every city across America!  Holla!

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Kathy Chlan

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