MomCave Pregnancy Update: 34 Weeks Placental Abruption & Labor??

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MomCave Pregnancy Vlog Update Placental Abruption and Labor…..?!?!


On Sunday morning, Jen was home alone with her 4.5 year old when a pretty gorey scene occured. (We’ll spare you the details.) Her boy was very brave. Jen was taken to the local hospital who promptly transferred her via ambulance to a larger city hospital 1.5 hours away, that has a NICU. It was determined she had a placental abruption and she started having contractions every three minutes and dilating. Long story short, the labor has stalled and doctors are deciding whether it’s better to induce or do everything possible to let this baby cook another couple of weeks!

We’ll keep you updated and be back to bringing you funny mom videos soon!

Did you see last week’s episode of MomCave LIVE, where the moms made fun of the mesh undies you wear at the hospital? Maybe she jinxed herself, because she’s wearing them now, six weeks early!


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  • That is so scary, but you have a great outlook and sense of humor. And the mesh underwear, I remember those well. At least they are sort of comfy.


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