Our Year in Laughs | MomCave 2016 Highlights

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The past year has been… interesting. It may be a cliche but I’ve walked around muttering, “The truth is stranger than fiction.” (I’ve also muttered, “Leave me alone, leave me alone” under my breath a few times. I’m working on patience!) So before we plunge into 2017 and things undoubtedly get even weirder, here’s a look back on some of our MomCave highlights.

That time my kids reminded me of zombies…

That time (who are we kidding? ALL the times) we slacked on housekeeping


ALL the times Victoria’s son was obsessed with his penis

That time Harmony & Audrey reviewed the finest wine from Target…

That time some teenagers told us we didn’t know what stress was

That time Meredith taught us about married sex

That time Dina hated Mother’s Day

That time we found out if it was okay to eat during labor

That time the Christmas tree was a total disaster

Stick with us in the New Year for more embarrassing mom moments, Slacker Mom shortcuts, hilarious live guests, and useful giveaways. See you on the other side!

MomCave Best of

HELLO 2017! (This is how I spent every morning of 2016. Disheveled and needing a dragon mug of coffee!)



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