3 Ways I Made my “Mom Ride” Less of a HOT MESS!

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Spending hours carting around kiddos to activities in our mom ride is a chore that makes the hippest of moms feel tragically uncool.

There are only so many times you can slack and pawn off rides on innocent friends before you yourself have to return the favor.  I spend hours going about 5 square miles on any given day driving my kids around to activities. That’s a LOT of time to spend in a car! And I got so sick of my mom ride looking like a hot mess. Here are 3 ways I spiffed her up:


baby car GIF
Don’t do this!

I thought about instituting a rule where if a kid made a mess, that kid had to clean it up. But if you’ve ever had one of your kids wash your car, you know what a mess that can be. Forget it!

I splurged and spent $19.95 a month on the unlimited wash package at my local car wash. I love having a clean car and now the kids can make the biggest mess they want. I also have another place to say I’m going to BY MYSELF in addition to the supermarket.

car wash GIF
Do this instead!

Or it will give you ANOTHER thing to do with your toddler for entertainment that actually serves a useful purpose. We all know you can never have enough of those.

2. Mama Jams only!

My local oldies station is now playing 80s and 90s music. At first, I wanted to crawl under a rock. Am I really that old that the oldie’s station is now playing Michael Jackson, Wham, and Pearl Jam? Yes, yes I am. But you know what, who cares?

old lady ultrasound GIF by Joyner Lucas
Yeah, that’s me! You got something to say about it?

I now have a station totally dedicated to my favorite songs so I blast those tunes as I plow around the corners of my neighborhood.

Who cares if the kids don’t like it?

They can either get out and walk, or bring headphones for their phones and iPods.


3. I blinged my ride out!

How fun! A Disco mirror ball for my mom mobile car!

Since I was already jamming out to the Bee Gees and my other favorites from my childhood I figured this was appropriate for the dash! Who knew they made these things for cars?

I also thought about getting one of those stick figure family stickers, but then I found something WAY cooler! Original People is a company that makes these super cool stickers that you can customize for your crew!

They give you the option of selecting different hairstyles, clothing, interests, etc. You can order them in different sizes and can even be ordered to adorn other things – like your laptop.

So while I may have conceded on my latest lease and got the third row, I now feel a little cooler riding around my hood with my spiffed-up ride.

My MomCave partner, Jen, on the other hand, isn’t so cool. She’s actually a hot mess when it comes to her mom ride! Check out all the stuff she keeps in her car. This makes me shudder, but maybe you can relate?

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Dina Drew

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