Mom Putting Up a Christmas Tree Alone… (No one dies.)

Mom Putting Up Christmas Tree Alone

When I told my husband I planned on putting up a Christmas tree alone, he valiantly attempted to talk me out of it. He was scheduled to be out of town for work until just before Christmas. But the thought of going most of the holiday season without a tree was downright depressing. So against my husband’s advice, my six-year-old and I decided to “surprise” Daddy with a tree all by ourselves.

While I promised my son we would get a tree immediately, I had no solution to the following problems.

-How will I hoist a tree atop our car and tie it down myself?

-How will I get the tree OFF of the car, up our deck stairs and into the living room?

-When it was time for actually putting UP the Christmas tree alone, how would I achieve the UP part of that?

-And most importantly, how will we do all of this with a very clingy 18-month-old in the mix?

It was a near disaster. But I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Mom Putting Up A Christmas Tree Alone… (No one was injured in the getting of this tree.)

Now the only problem is how to BABY PROOF the Christmas tree?!? I’ve Googled “How to Babyproof a Christmas Tree.” Most people say put a gate around it or place it in a room with a door. My daughter is a climber. No baby gate is going to stop her. We have an open floor plan, hence, no door. The best I’ve come up with so far is this very ugly barrier of heavy boxes with a lame-o red cloth on top.

Putting Up a Christmas Tree Alone

The Baby-Proof Barrier. Ugly but functional.

Do you have an idea for babyproofing the Christmas tree? Please send it to me, stat. I’ll be eternally grateful.

Mom putting up Christmas tree alone

Kids in front of the tree/tree barrier.

Putting Up a Christmas Tree Alone MomCave



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