Mom Podcast MomCave LIVE Featured on The Week in Podcasting!

mom podcast momcave live the week in podcasting

What do Gilbert Gottfried, Chevy Chase, True Murderers AND MomCave LIVE have in common? We were all featured this week on “The Week in Podcasting.” Go mom podcast!

Well, we’re just blushing. (Not the “my kid is having a tantrum in Target” kind of blushing. The “wow, someone is actually listening” kind of blushing.) 

mom podcast momcave live the week in podcasting

This is my “exhausted mom discovers her podcast is featured” face. I was thinking, “Huh. Who knew they were listening??”

Listen to “The Week in Podcasting” talk about our mom podcast here:


The Week in Podcasting is hosted by the very funny trio of Seth Everett, Val Reilly, and Jeff Adams and runs on They highlight the best of podcasts and bring them to you with wit, wisdom, and some really well-chosen clips.

MomCave LIVE is our live show, done via Google Hangout, which is also available as a podcast on BlogTalkRadio, iTunes, and Google Play. But you should listen on BlogTalkRadio. Because they’re the nicest. 😉


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