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Mom Mobiles

MomCave LIVE is back! Our live show has been called “Wayne’s World for Moms” and been nominated for an IAWTV (International Academy of Web TV) Award for Best Live Series. On this episode, our guests are Elizabeth Broadbent of Manic Pixie Dream Mama and Meredith Masony of That’s Inappropriate. Elizabeth wrote a great post called “The Sedimentary Layers of My Minivan,” which is the inspiration for this episode’s topic.

We talk mom mobiles, ways to fancy up your wine, and how minivans kill our souls.

With a giveaway from Life Changer, the only combination diaper bag and portable changer! Use it for on-the-go changing and to help keep your car just a touch less messy. Enter below.

 Mom Mobiles on MomCave LIVE

Some Photographic Evidence of Mom Mobiles:

The LifeChanger Diaper Bag Giveaway


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    What stresses me out most is I worry all the time…

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