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Join me as Rachel Sobel, of Whine and Cheez (its), Dina Drew and I play “Which Celebrity Mom Are You?” It’s a silly game where you might learn more about your friends than you imagined! This is a hysterical part of our MOM GAMES series, which is sponsored by Piper Lou. We go with mom’s dream cars, family vacays, punishment styles and so much more! And we have superfans playing with us!!

Our Superfans

Jen: Welcome to MOM GAMES, the very strange and very fun live broadcast we do every Wednesday night here on MomCave, where we play what’s essentially drinking games with you. And you can win something from our sponsor, Piper Lou. Drink whatever you want, it doesn’t have to be alcoholic, but with the week I had, mine is. And we always have a guest. And this week’s guest is the funny, hilarious, awesome, and cool, Rachel Sobel from Whine and Cheez (its). Hey Rachel? , right.

Rachel Sobel: Hey, guys.

Dina: Hello.

Jen: Welcome, welcome. So hi, Lynn. Lynn is watching. Lynn is like our biggest, bestest MomCaver. She’s always there for us and she’s super awesome.

Dina: She’s our superfan.

Jen: She’s a superfan.

Rachel Sobel: I love those people. I love those people.

Jen: Yeah, and Ariel Silverman saying, “Yay, Rachel,” on Instagram.

Rachel Sobel: Oh, hey.

Jen: Hey guys it makes us happy when we get to play games like the celebrity moms quiz and chat online, we don’t get to go out in real life, we just hang out. I think, Rachel, you’re in your closet, am I correct?

Rachel Sobel: Sure am. Yeah. Sure am. This is my home away from.

Jen: And I’m hiding from my family in my bedroom. Our other awesome super fan, Babs just joined. Hey Babs.

Which Celebrity Mom Are You?

Jen: Okay, so, I was running out of drinking-type games to play because we’ve played a lot of them on here. We’ve played all the obvious, you know, “Truth or Dare,” “Never Have I Ever,” all those things. So I decided that we would do “Which Celebrity Mom Are You?” tonight. Are you guys into that?

Dina: Oh yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Totally.

Which Celeb Mom are YOU? | MOM GAMES Sponsored by Piper Lou on MomCaveTV

Jen: Okay, so everybody over on Facebook and Instagram, you can play along by commenting with us as we go. And of course, this is Celebrity Mom quiz is a Buzzfeed quiz because where else do you get quizzes? No one laughs at my jokes, okay. It’s all good.

Rachel Sobel: I thought that was more informational.

Jen: I’m just going to have my drink from my “Welcome to the Shit Show” mug. Candace says you look gorgeous.

Dina: Mine says,”Mama fuel.”

Jen: Thank you, Candace, you’re so sweet.

Everyone: Aww.

Jen: Okay. So the quiz, we all have it up on our computers. I could show everybody real quick maybe, my screen and you can see, let’s see. Can y’all see that? That’s the quiz. Da da da da, so we’re gonna start that in just a minute. Okay. So I don’t think anyone saw my screen, did they?

Dina: No.

Girls’ Day Out Celebrity Mom Style

Jen: Oh well that’s when I try to do fancy technological things, you know, it never works, whatever, I tried. Okay. So the very first question that we’re all gonna answer and you guys are gonna answer in the comments to win something from Piper Lou is: What would you do for a girls’ day out? It’s multiple choice. It’s a shopping spree, beach, wine tasting, or hang in the backyard and bring the kids.

Dina: No.

Jen: No, that’s a no right there. How is that a girls’ day out?

Rachel Sobel: That’s like the first one that gets cut off immediately.

Jen: Obviously.

Rachel Sobel: Immediately.

Jen: That one’s out. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, that’s not happening. I would definitely pick a shopping spree, no problem, but I’m assuming that means we get we have money for the shopping spree? Like a real celebrity mom?

Rachel Sobel: Right. In this fantasy, we have money to fund a shopping spree.

Jen: Totally.

Rachel Sobel: I too pick shopping spree.

Jen: Awesome, okay. And where would you go on your shopping spree?

Rachel Sobel: I really, I really like to stay away from the mall. So I’d probably go to like little support local businesses, little boutiques and stuff like that. That’s probably what I would do.

Jen: That’s so nice, you’re so nice.

Rachel Sobel: You know, I have my moments.


Jen: We’re… we’re having a lot of people answer beach, a lot of beaches.

Dina: See, I was going to the beach.

Jen: You were.

Rachel Sobel: I’m jaded ’cause I live in Florida.

Jen: That’s true- a beach doesn’t matter to you as much.

Rachel Sobel: Right.

Jen: No, we’re like in our sweats. Dina, what beach? Does it matter?

Dina: Any beach, that’s nice.

Jen: Any beach.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Okay, any beach. Bugs says shopping and we’ve got somebody over on Instagram, Ariel said, girls’ day out means no kids, obviously. Okay. So we’re gonna choose, we’re each gonna choose our thing and we’ll go to the next question.

Dina: Okay.

What’s Your Dream Mom Car?

Jen: The next question is: What is your dream mom car? And the choices are Range Rover, Mini Cooper convertible, anything that will fit the family, or a Tesla. What do y’all think?

Rachel Sobel: I’m picking Tesla for a couple of reasons because I am a socially responsible human.

Jen: Who shops local, obviously.

Rachel Sobel: Who shops local. I’m picking Tesla because I really have wanted one. And I actually have one coming on March 1st. I’m getting rid of my pain in the arse car.

Dina: Wow.

Rachel Sobel: To never have gas again.

Jen: You’re getting a Tesla, wow. Yeah, we’re getting some Amy Prince says Tesla, Susie Crabtree says, Tesla. Yeah, we’re getting a lot of Teslas.

Rachel Sobel: Yes.

Jen: What about you Dina?

Dina: I’m gonna say, well, I’m tempted to say the Range Rover, but now I listen to that commercial from, of the Tesla, I think I’m gonna go to the Tesla now.

Jen: Wow. Okay, Ariel says Tesla.

Dina: Rachel sold me. Because it’s electric.

Loving The Big

Jen: Okay, I’m the odd person out. I am not as socially environmentally responsible as I should be and I’m gonna say Range Rover, ’cause it’s the closest thing to what I actually love… I have a Suburban.

Jen: And I love that we can fit so many people in that Suburban, we can fit so much in that Suburban, it’s amazing. And when we first got it, my youngest was two and she always called it, “Daddy’s Bourbon.” So she always told everybody, yeah, she’s like “My daddy’s coming and he is bringing his bourbon” and stuff like that.

Dina: That’s funny.

Jen: Or I would say, daddy’s bourbon. Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: That’s great.

Jen: We lost Dina on Instagram.

Dina: We did.

Cool Piper Lou Merch

Jen: Here, I’m inviting you again. Okay. So you guys, answer along in the comments because somebody is gonna win something awesome from our sponsor Piper Lou, they make amazing, cool things like, I don’t know if you can see my sweatshirt, can I stand up. I have a “Chaos Coordinator sweatshirt” on tonight. Do do do.

Rachel Sobel: Perfect.

Jen: There, yeah. And you can use our coupon code to get unlimited, buy one, get one free, if you go to and use MomCave, you get unlimited, buy one, get one free. And Dina has a Mama Fuel.

Dina: Mama Fuel cup and a Madre T-shirt.

Jen: Madre.

Dina: Madre.

Sunday Fun Day For Celebrity Moms

Dina: Madre. But mad, mad ray.

Jen: All right, I’m choosing Range Rover. Okay, so our next celebrity mom quiz question. What are your Sunday fun day plans with the fam? Let’s head to the zoo?

Dina: No.

Jen: Picnic? Chill day at home? Or Disney?

Rachel Sobel: I’m staying home. On Sundays I like to do nothing.

Jen: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Nothing. I don’t wanna go anywhere. I don’t wanna go to the zoo, or Disney or make food and have a picnic. Just wanna sit in my house and do nothing.

Jen: Yeah.

Dina: Agreed.

Jen: Agreed.

Dina: Chill day, people are chill. Chill, chill, chill.

Jen: And everyone’s agreed. Chill. That’s the one thing.

Dina: Brunch after church, that’s a good one, I like that one. My house is a zoo.

Jen: Yeah, who needs to go to the zoo?

Dina: Picnic is too much work, that’s right. It’s too much work.

Jen: Yeah, Babs in the comment is talking, she says my T-shirt is the “In My Defense. I Was Left Unsupervised” She was telling me earlier today she bought a bunch of Piper Lou shirts.

Dina: Oh nice.

Jen: So send us a picture if you can. Yeah, so it’s pretty much everybody says chill day. Yeah?

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Okay. Do you hear my mother texting me? That’s my mother, Mom, you know that I do MOM GAMES every week at this time!

Dina: How dare she interrupt you.

Punishment For Kids

Jen: How dare she interrupt our fun. Okay. The next question is: Your kids make a mistake or your kid makes a mistake, what do you do? Time-out? Positive reinforcement all the way? Let them fail because failure teaches lessons? Or, whatever my partner and I agree on?

Dina: Mm.

Rachel Sobel: So I have an issue with this question.

Jen: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: And the answers.

Jen: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: I feel like there’s, most of the answers are maybe I’m just putting this on myself, I feel like most of the answers make you feel ashamed of picking the first option. Do you know what I mean, they’re all like, gentle parenting. Which is great.

Jen: Like how dare you.

Rachel Sobel: I have a zero issue with those things, but I put my kids in time-out if they do something wrong or take a phone away or there’s some kind of repercussion.

Dina: Right.

Rachel Sobel: And while all of these things sound wonderful in theory, that’s not my lifestyle.

Dina: Yeah.

Realistic Or Pie In The Sky?

Rachel Sobel: So I feel like there’s one choice that is realistic for me and the rest are like these pie in the sky positive reinforcement all the way, yeah, that sounds great, but that’s not really going on here.

Dina: But it doesn’t say they did something wrong, it says they made a mistake.

Jen: Right. And that’s different than doing something naughty.

Dina: Right, they made a mistake.

Jen: A lot of people are commenting. Everybody’s like, what do they do? It depends on the situation, this is a tricky question.

Dina: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Right.

Dina: Yeah, if it’s just a mistake, like they, you know, I don’t know, forgot to bring in their homework or I don’t know.

Rachel Sobel: What if the mistake was they set something on fire?

Jen: That’s different, well. Did they, was it arson or was it….?

Rachel Sobel: I mean, listen, it’s a very, it’s a mistake that results in a lot of smoke and ashes so does it really matter? I don’t know.

Natural Consequences

Dina: Yeah, you’ll have to teach them there are actions for their… there are consequences for their actions.

Rachel Sobel: Right.

Dina: Right, so I agree with you, time-out, time-out.

Jen: Time-out. Yeah, time-out. I was leaning towards, let them fail because I do that in a…

Dina: Yeah, I agree with that too.

Jen: Like the whole thing of natural consequences, I’ve been really working on that one with my 11-year-old. So if he forgets something at school, I don’t bring it to school, yeah stuff like that.

Rachel Sobel: Oh wow, what is that like?

Jen: I just decided, I was like, you know what, then you have to tell the teacher you forgot it.

Rachel Sobel: Wow.

Dina: They don’t let us bring us stuff.

Rachel Sobel: Do you wanna come over?

Jen: It’s freeing Rachel, try this shit.

Dina: They don’t let us bring stuff.

Jen: No?

Dina: Like if the kids forget the Chromebook, you can’t bring it in.

Jen: Okay, well, is that because of COVID or because of teaching them a lesson?

Dina: No, ’cause they want them to be responsible.

Jen: I like that, I like his school.

Dina: And let me tell you something, the kid never forgets the Chromebook.

MOM GAMES And Piper Lou

Jen: Yeah, I like the way you think. Okay, so I’m gonna pick let them fail. But you guys picked time-out, okay. Before we go into our next question, if anybody’s just joining us, this is MOM GAMES, we play games and you play along in the comments and you can win something from our sponsor, Piper Lou. They make adorable, awesome mom things like here this is my “Welcome to the Shit Show” mug. And I don’t know. See, I put something in the comments, and then it goes away.

It’s there.

It’s there, okay. So yeah, we can win cool things from Piper Lou, and you can do it, okay. It’s like commenting, it’s doing all kinds of crazy things now, okay. There we go.

Dina: So Babs said something about letting them fail, I missed it, wait, hold on. She said, she said something funny, fail and I’ll take the time-out.

Rachel Sobel: Ooh.

Jen: Yeah, I often say I need a time-out myself. Like totally, yeah, definitely. Okay, so let’s move on to our next celebrity mom quiz question everybody.

Rachel Sobel: Okay.

Celebrity Moms Q: Plastic Surgery

Jen: What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

Dina: Nope.

Jen: Okay, we’ve got yes, please. We’ve got, no thanks. Maybe if I felt I really needed it or a little plastic surgery never hurt. Hmm.

Rachel Sobel: A little plastic surgery never hurt. I’m coming from my closet with a face full of Botox right now. So I feel like it would be really, really hypocritical of me.

Jen: Yeah, it would.

Rachel Sobel: I believe if there’s something you wanna do that makes you feel better, then you should do it and I see a lift in my future. You know, a little.

Does Botox Count?

Jen: Yeah, yeah. I’m with you. I’m wanting to get the Botox myself because I look so angry all the time. Don’t you feel like it could, yeah.

Rachel Sobel: I’m into it.

Dina: I’m afraid of what it’ll do to my… like I’m afraid that if I got it, it would go wrong.

Rachel Sobel: No.

Dina: So I’d rather…

Jen: So you’re a no?

Dina: Age, I would rather age gracefully. Okay. I’m just gonna age.

Jen: You are very good that way. Michelle’s saying does Botox count? I think it counts, it’s not surgery, but we’re counting.

Rachel Sobel: I mean it’s not plastic surgery, but I feel like it’s a gateway.

Jen: Yeah, it’s like the beginning. The beginning, okay. Especially for celebrity moms. And our lovely friend Jovi says everyone’s perfect the way they are. Okay, I don’t feel perfect the way I am, but that’s the thing, okay. So what’s our next question? Ah, this one.

Mom’s Perfect Family Vacay

Dina: Family vacay time, where to? Bali? Anything as long as I’m with the fam, that’s cute. Again, guilting us here. Mexico? Turks and Caicos?

Jen: I feel like I’ll go with anything as long as I’m with the fam, the three others are all, kind of the same.

Rachel Sobel: Similar, yeah.

Jen: They’re like tropical nice places. They, I wish they had given us more variety there.

Dina: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Well, not only that, Bali’s like one of the most expensive places to get to. I don’t wanna go there with children.

Jen: No.

Rachel Sobel: I don’t wanna do that.

Dina: Right.

Rachel Sobel: I don’t wanna do that, So I feel I was guilted into the, anything as long as I’m with the fam because I don’t really wanna go to any of those places. I wanna just go with my husband to those places. So by default, I picked the answer that they like engineered for me to pick, to look like a doting, wonderful, perfect mother.

With The Fam, But Not

Dina: Well, you’re so sweet. But see, I went to Mexico with my kids. We went to one of those all inclusives. We went to the Hard Rock and it was so much fun.

Rachel Sobel: Really?

Dina: Yeah, because they had this like kids club, so they could go and do that. They had all these activities, it was like, you just walked out and it was a party, and they had a blast and I had a blast and cool.

Rachel Sobel. Very good noted, maybe I’ll have to change my answer to Mexico. Mexico was fun.

Jen: We’ve got somebody on Instagram, Lillypop20 says a cruise. And I agree with you, but that wasn’t one of the answers. I just got back from a cruise last week. What I love about cruises is that you can just sit and drink your drink and hang out in the sun. Like a celebrity mom. Your kids will love going to the kids’ club and they’ll be like, let me go there all day. Then the family meets up for dinner and all, but you get to have some time. And anyway, anyway, I should just be their spokesperson. Any cruise company wanna hire me, I will be your spokesperson. So I don’t know. I guess I’m gonna just pick Turks and Caicos ’cause I’ve never been there. That’s what I’m gonna pick. Okay, we have a few more.

Luxe Jewelry For Celebrity Moms

Jen: We’ve got the next question is, what is your favorite luxury jewelry brand? And we have Chanel, Lorraine Schwartz, Forevermark, and, eh, I’m not super into jewelry.

Rachel Sobel: These were garbage answers, by the way.

Jen: I agree.

Rachel Sobel: I don’t even know what Forevermark is, I don’t, I’ve never heard of that.

Dina: Never heard either.

Rachel Sobel: Chanel, I’m going for a handbag, for sure shoes, but I don’t really need Chanel jewelry. Lorraine Schwartz, I know everybody knows from like red carpet moments with celebrities, but I could pick out a piece of her jewelry if you put it in front of me and you know, so I feel like they really could have done better with this one.

Dina: Agreed.

Jen: Yeah, I don’t even know that one. I knew none of them, I mean, I’ve heard of Chanel, obviously. And I know what Chanel is.

Dina: I put Lorraine Schwartz, ’cause if it’s on, if it’s that fancy stuff that celebrity moms wear on the red carpet, I’m all for it.

Rachel Sobel: There you go.

Jen: All right. Okay, Dina, do you wanna read the next question for us?

Peer Pressure And Smartphones

Dina: Sure, your eight-year-old is begging you for an iPhone X? Do you cave?

Jen: No.

Rachel Sobel: This is an old quiz, it must be.

Dina: Answers are: No way, everyone has one these days, maybe, they can have one when they’re 13.

Jen: Okay.

Dina: I’m gonna say they can have one when they’re 13, but I’m gonna change that answer to, they can one when they’re 10 because I had to get the 10-year-old a phone.

Jen: ‘Cause you just got your 10-year-old one.

Dina: Yeah, but my daughter didn’t get one until she was 12. So, and we were like the last holdouts.

Jen: Yeah. All right, how about you Rachel?

Rachel Sobel: I put everyone has one because everyone here had a cell phone when they were eight or nine. We were one of the last ones too. Yeah. And I found that when they didn’t have cell phones, they were alienated by the other kids, ’cause that’s how they all communicated.

Jen: Yeah.

Dina: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: So I just feel like we’re in that digital era and I know that it’s young, but that’s how they communicate and so I’m not gonna lie. My kid had a phone very young.

Moms For Low-Tech For Littles

Jen: Okay, I’m the weird one here. My kid, my kid is, the oldest is 11 does not have a phone yet. But my kids do go to a Waldorf school, which is a no-technology zone. So all of the parents in the class made a pledge, which we signed that we would not give them smartphones until eighth grade.

Rachel Sobel: Wow.

Dina: Wow.

Jen: I know it’s a little, they can have flip phones, like to call us if they’re somewhere, you know, to call their parents, that’s the thing we agreed to. They hate us for it. He screams about it on daily basis.

Rachel Sobel: That’s pretty amazing.

Dina: It is amazing.

Jen: We’ll see, we’ll see if it works. I don’t know. It could totally backfire because my husband was raised this way and he wasn’t allowed to ever watch TV at home ever. And now I cannot stop him from watching TV 24/7.

Dina: Right.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah.

Backfire Or Good Move?

Jen: It’s like a total backfire.

Dina: But that’s interesting that he then wanted to raise the kids that way too.

Jen: Yeah. He thinks, well, he thinks it was a good way to be raised. But now that you’re an adult, do what the hell you want? So you know, my kid can phone when he can buy one, but, all right so we’ve got a lot of people, a lot of people saying, yes, someone saying too young, we’ve got a ton, we don’t have agreement on the cell phone thing. Definitely not. Someone said I love that there was a parent pledge. Yeah, that was a parent pledge.

Dina: Okay, Jenn Martinez is like, where’s the payphones?

Jen: Yeah?

Dina: I mean, that’s true.

Jen: Well, they can’t get in touch with you. Of course, if all their friends have phones, this is what I keep saying, if everyone else has a phone, then you don’t need one because you can just call me from their phone.

Dina: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Right.

Jen: Yeah, that doesn’t, yeah, I’m so mean, I’m totally mean.

Dina: You’re not mean.

Jen: Okay, you guys, you were giving a lot of good answers in the comments. Somebody is gonna win something from Piper Lou. But if you don’t wanna wait to win something, you can also go shop at with our coupon code, MomCave which is unlimited by one, get one free. Okay, what’s our next celebrity mom quiz question? I think we have one or two more left. Okay, your eight, oh wait, that’s the one I just did, blah!

Celebrity Moms Q About Life Lessons

Jen: What’s the most important life lesson to teach your kids? And here they are. Failure should be celebrated just as much as success. Teamwork makes the dream work. Stand up for what you believe in or admit when you’re wrong?

Dina: Hmm.

Jen: These are all important things.

Rachel Sobel: They are, they are.

Jen: How do we pick one?

Rachel Sobel: I’m going with standup for what you believe in because I’m raising two very strong-willed little girls who I want to use their voices. And so we talk about stuff around that theme all the time.

Jen: Yep, it’s good, it’s good. I think I’m gonna say, admit when you’re wrong because my kids already stand up for what they believe in way too much, they don’t have a problem at all with that. Yeah, but I do know quite a few adults who just would get by so much better in life if they could just admit when they’re wrong.

Dina: I’m with you, Jen. I’m with you. Yeah, yeah.

Jen: So I wish I want my kids to know that. Babs is loving the faces that you’re making, Dina.

Dina: I’m sorry.

Jen: Yeah, we have a lot of people saying admit when you’re wrong, somebody on Instagram is saying kindness and appreciation for differences. That’s very important, but it’s not on the quiz.

Friday Nights

Jen: So we can’t choose that. Okay. Let’s see. Is this, all right last question before we find out which celebrity mom we are.

Jen: Last question. It’s Friday night, do you stay in with the kids or go party? And here are the answers: party, duh, or I’d much rather stay home, or occasional date nights are a must, or definitely need to go out every once in a while.

Dina: Hmm.

Jen: Hmm.

Dina: I’m gonna say occasional date nights are a must because I feel like that’s one of the things that’s kept my marriage going for 17 years.

Jen: Occasional date nights.

Dina: Yeah.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, totally agree.

Jen: Totally.

Rachel Sobel: We have a standing babysitter every two weeks to make sure that we at least get a date night, yep. You have to.

Jen: Nice.

Rachel Sobel: You have to be away from your children and you have to be together. Otherwise, you start to turn into roommates and resent each other and it’s like a whole thing. So I feel like you have to be out without the children.

Jen: Definitely. We are getting a lot of stay home comments. We’ve got one that says, depending on the mood, if the kids wanna have dinner or if not, I usually stay in.

Dina: Yeah, somebody said we do date lunches. Me and my husband do that, date lunches.

Jen: I know you do.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: We do that too. Gosh, I’m gonna pick, That what was the fourth one? Definitely need to go out once in a while. And I don’t mean just on a date. I think sometimes I need to go on a date, but sometimes I need to go out with girls.

Rachel Sobel: Yes.

Dina: Yeah, I agree with that too.

Jen: It’s a little of both, you need the balance. Totally.

Celebrity Mom Quiz Results

Jen: Okay, I think we have our results, everybody. Right.

Jen: Do you think you have good results? So are mine, okay? Who wants to go first?

Dina: Mine’s strange.

Dina: I got Joanna Gaines for my celebrity mom. It’s like what? Okay wait, is that?

Rachel Sobel: What do you say for the paragraph thing?

Dina: You’re the sweetest, simple, creative, and loving mama around. You’re always down to be silly.

Jen: Yeah.

Dina: You can be strict, thank goodness you know when to bend the rules.

Jen: I’ve known you for, I don’t know how many years Dina, over 12 maybe? I’m gonna say.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: Some of that was true, the silly part is true. But for the most part, I do not see you as a Joanna Gaines.

Dina: I don’t either. I mean, I agree, I can be sweet and creative and loving, simple, but Joanna Gaines.

Jen: No, no.

Dina: I don’t see that.

Rachel’s Celebrity Mom Is…

Jen: Definitely not. How about you, Rachel? Who did you get?

Rachel Sobel: I’m actually really happy with my person.

Jen: Okay.

Rachel Sobel: I got Blake Lively.

Dina: Oh?

Jen: Lucky and she’s gorgeous.

Rachel Sobel: Says “congrats, you care deeply about creating a warm and happy environment for your kids. You’re very conscious of being as present as possible while maintaining a successful career on and off the screen.”

Jen: Ooh, I like it. Yours is very good and she’s very badass.

Dina: Yeah.

Jen: So I’m jealous. All right, you guys.

And Jen Got WHO?

Jen: I really got a stupid answer for my celebrity mom. I got Kris Jenner. What was that, I don’t understand this at all. “Congrats, you’re a master momager and hype woman. You are dedicated, loving, and care deeply about staying close with your kids through all stages of their lives, you buckle down and embrace the chaos.” I AM wearing my chaos coordinator Piper Lou sweatshirt.

Dina: There you go.

Jen: That part’s right. Totally. Babs said I would be Peg Bundy from “Married With Children”.

Dina: Oh my God, wait, so wait, Babs, I love her. I would be Peg Bundy from “Married With Children”.

Jen: She had some tight pants and some big hair.

Rachel Sobel: She did, and boobies are always up at attention.

Jen: Oh, totally.

Rachel Sobel: Yep.

Will We Become Our Celebrity Moms?

Jen: Yeah, I don’t know, this was very strange, but maybe if we ruminate on this, I think we should, all of us should meditate on this as we’re falling asleep tonight and then check in tomorrow and see if it’s changed our lives.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah.

Jen: And if it changes how we see each other as moms.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah.

Jen: Yeah, craziness.

Dina: I’m not gonna be redecorating your house anytime soon, just so you know.

Jen: Well, but it can’t be redecorated until it’s freaking rebuilt so.

Dina: Well, yeah, I know that.

How To Find Rachel

Jen: Okay. Okay, everybody. We are gonna pick a winner after this to send something awesome from Piper Lou, but you don’t have to wait for that. You could use the coupon code, MOMCAVE, for buy one, get one free. It’s totally unlimited, they have a ton of cool stuff. And we’re gonna be back doing this again next Wednesday. And yeah, I’m so excited that Rachel was able to join us for the celebrity mom quiz game ’cause you’re one of the most fun people.

Dina: Thank you, Rachel.

Jen: To play games with.

Dina: Love Rachel. Love Rachel.

Rachel Sobel: I’m so happy you guys asked.

Jen: Totally.

Rachel Sobel: Anytime.

Jen: So tell everyone where all your things are. Where are you on the places?

Rachel Sobel: My basic mothership is my website, which is Whine and Cheez (its) with wine with an H and And all of my social is WhineandCheezits, Instagram @WhineandCheezits, Facebook WhineandCheezits, and Twitter is the odd man, @Whineheezits with no and, and I don’t know why they wouldn’t let me have it, but.

Jen: They’re just mean.

Rachel Sobel: Yeah, have to complicate things.

Jen: Oh my God, Whine and Cheezits make me want to have wine and Cheez-its right now. I love that, okay. Thank you so much for joining us. Dina, I will see you back next week and everybody thank you for watching and being silly with us, we love it.

Dina: Bye.

Rachel Sobel: Thank you guys, have a good night. Bye.

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