Mom Filmmaker Fun| MomCave Dover, VT Film Production Grant

Slacker Mom's Guide to Laundry

Mom Filmmaker Fun

The MomCave team was awarded a grant from the town of Dover, Vermont to have some more mom filmmaker fun. On a quick weekend away from our kids (!) we first shot several episodes of our web series Blabbermom with guest appearances from some hilarious moms of the internet. Watch for new episodes soon with:

Over the next two days, we created an all new series called Slacker Mom. Once I can get the colicky newborn asleep and the older kid off to school, I’ll begin editing episodes like “Slacker Mom’s Guide to Housekeeping” and “Slacker Mom’s Guide to Halloween.”

Slacker Mom's Guide to Laundry

Slacker Mom’s Guide to Laundry

We worked like  dervishes all day and enjoyed amazing dining (sans kids) at night at Dover Forge and The Last Chair. Late one night after dinner, MomCaver Dina commented that she wished she had time to buy a gift for her child. In a matter of minutes, a local gift shop called The Hub opened up especially for us to do some late-night shopping.

MomCave mom Filmmaker Mom Dover,VT

MomCave Dinner in Dover,VT

We’re looking forward to returning to Dover in two weeks for the Independent TV & Film Festival. Our show MomCave LIVE is a nominee for Best Reality/Unscripted Series.


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